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Gedanken vom internationalen Grayling Team.

26. Juni 2017

Is social now the name of the game?

Ashton Shurson, Senior Account Executive Grayling US, sees changes at gaming shindig, E3. Last week marked the annual gathering of gaming’s biggest publishers, developers, media – and now fans. The Electronic Entertainment Expo (E3) – the premier console, computer...


23. Juni 2017

OK Computer, What Next?

Jon Meakin, International Comms Director Grayling US, looks to the past to predict the future.As Radiohead limber up for their umpteenth time at the Glastonbury Festival, this week I was reminded that it is 20 years since the release of the band’s seminal album, OK...


The Advantage Series

Kleine wie große Unternehmen und Organisationen aller Branchen müssen sich in Sachen Kommunikation und Reputation komplexen Herausforderungen stellen. Hier gehen wir auf einige von ihnen genauer ein und zeigen auf, wie Grayling für seine Kunden entscheidende Vorteile schafft.


20. Juni 2017

Digitale Subkultur ASMR: Marken entdecken das Web-Phänomen

Christian Wilfer, Senior Director Digital bei Grayling Deutschland, über den Youtube-Trend, den kaum jemand kennt.Die attraktive junge Frau flüstert ihre Worte und lächelt in die Kamera. Maria ist das Gesicht des YouTube Kanals Gentle Whispering. Sie hat sich auf...


9. Juni 2017

The BREXIT Bulletin: The Big Winner is ... the DUP?

Northern Ireland’s Democratic Unionist Party (DUP) would have been more than satisfied with gaining two additional seats overnight; having taken 10 of the region’s 18 seats. In fact the DUP usurped what was supposed to be a Conservative celebration.What once...


31. Mai 2017

Is 2017 Going To Be the Year of the Cultural Brand?

Anastasia Elaeva, Grayling Russia’s Head of Corporate Communications, analyses the future trends for corporate art programs.Consumer expectation is on the rise, and, as many recent surveys show, for brands, it is no longer enough to provide just a good product or...


29. Mai 2017

What do IBM, Cisco and Intel have in common?

Crystal Yang, Acoount Supervisor Grayling US, gets to grips with the language of enterprise tech, and what can be learned from the successful giants of the sector.My colleague, Elliott Suthers recently published a blog on the need for less jargon in enterprise tech...


22. Mai 2017

Computer says no: Three key lessons from the NHS cyber-attacks

Rachel Ilett, Senior Account Executive, Grayling UK, analysis the crisis communications learnings from the WannaCry attacks. On Friday 12 May, the NHS was hit by what Europol has called, ‘the largest ransomware attack observed in history.’ 47 NHS Trusts in England...


17. Mai 2017

Four Ways Google Ranks Content - And Why This Is So Important for...

Alex Judd, GCore Business Director, explains how Google’s algorithm works, why SEO can’t work alone and PR’s prime position to lead this sphere of influence.A plethora of information is now available at the touch of a button. That’s why nearly four million...


15. Mai 2017

Die TOP 5 Trends der Republica

Michelle van der Veen, Account Manager Digital & Content bei Grayling Deutschland in Frankfurt, war auf der diesjährigen Republica und hat die Themen, die die Netzgemeinde bewegen, zusammengefasst.Die elfte Ausgabe der re:publica (#rp17) lockte dieses Jahr insgesamt...


12. Mai 2017

What can Dr Dre, Justin Bieber, and Chicago teach us about what i...

In a crisis situation. when is it right to say sorry? US crisis comms lead, David Schraeder explores.In 2016, the band Chicago was inducted into the Rock n Roll Hall of Fame, along with Dr Dre and other musical masters. The band’s chart topping album “Chicago 16”...


9. Mai 2017

“Siri, how’s my 401k performing?”

Adrianna Abreu, Grayling US Account Executive, explores how AI is significantly transforming the FinTech Industry.Any FinTech company you approach today will tell you their biggest challenge is building consumer trust. We trust apps like GrubHub to deliver our food...


9. Mai 2017

Absolut Art? Creating an impactful Cultural Brand

Anastasia Elaeva, Grayling Russia’s Head of Corporate Communications, on why more brands are striving to engage their stakeholders via arts partnerships.For its spring 2017 collection, the US apparel retailer J.Crew collaborated with the street artist Michael De Feo,...


5. Mai 2017

The BREXIT Bulletin: Leaks risk causing collateral damage to busi...

Who would have thought that an article in a German newspaper, in German, would have caused such a furore in the UK?Theresa May began by calling the article in the Frankfurter Allgemeine "Brussels gossip" but the next day came out all guns blazing, claiming that the EU...


3. Mai 2017

#BotGate: a lesson in keeping it real

Eleanor Cropper from Grayling's team in Leeds, UK, reviews #BotGate and what it means for PR professionals looking to engage with bloggers.Over Easter, the Twittersphere exploded in debate around #BotGate: a conversation relating to the idea of bloggers buying...


2. Mai 2017

5 circumstances in which your brand shouldn’t engage with the art...

Anastasia Elaeva, Grayling Russia’s Head of Corporate Communications, explains why some creative partnerships thrive while others fail.As art initiatives are becoming an increasingly popular way to invigorate brand communications, it is important for PR and marketing...


28. April 2017

EU DIGITAL DIGEST: Patent Politics - Commission takes a new direc...

In a surprise twist of events, the European Commission's DG Grow has published a Roadmap on Standard Essential Patents (SEPs). After a legislative proposal to reform the Intellectual Property Rights Enforcement Directive failed to emerge (and is unlikely to do so),...


28. April 2017

The BREXIT Bulletin: Will upcoming Elections derail Brexit?

Elections will be a feature of the first six months of the Brexit negotiations - and not just any elections, but those that will determine the French President, the French legislative elections, elections for the next German Chancellor in September, and - lest we forget...


27. April 2017

Did Negative PR Spur Google’s Latest Algorithm Update?

Katie Conroy, Grayling US Account Director, considers the interplay between online news and Google search.This week Google rolled out an algorithm update, dubbed Project Owl, in an apparent effort to combat fake news and offensive content. Negative media attention has...


21. April 2017

Buzzwords, Jargon and More Buzzwords

Elliott Suthers, Grayling US Senior Vice President, picks apart the jargon-heavy language of enterprise tech, in search of the truth.In enterprise technology, you could be easily forgiven for thinking that companies go out of their way to make their messaging...


20. April 2017

Grayling Brussels' Brexit Bulletin - 20 April 2017

The BREXIT Bulletin: UK election unlikely to ruffle EU feathersRobert Francis, Grayling Brussel Direktor, about Brexit.Once Article 50 was triggered, all talk of a possible snap election in the UK appeared to die a death. Theresa May had set the course for Brexit, the...


20. April 2017

Sweeping EU telecoms reform: Is industry ready for a new era in r...

Eleanor Flanagan, Grayling Brussel Director, about telecoms reform.The European Commission published landmark reforms in September 2016 to shake up the telecoms industry and dramatically increase investment in high-speed networks and 5G connectivity. The European...


19. April 2017

Grayling Public Affairs - General Election: Day Two

Prime Minister’s QuestionsIt was clear in this session that both party leaders were testing out the attacks lines which will be used on the campaign trail. The Prime Minister pressed Jeremy Corbyn on his record on defence and criticised Labour’s spending...


19. April 2017

Guidance on the Advertising Standards Authority’s rules on digita...

Naddy Onions, Grayling UK Head of Digital, shares her insights regarding the ASA’s rules on digital marketing.With the ASA’s recent ordering of London blogger Sheikhbeauty to take down or amend her Flat Tummy Tea post for not obviously being identifiable as...


19. April 2017

Grayling Public Affairs - General Election

Earlier today the Prime Minister, Theresa May, announced that she will look to hold an early election on Thursday 8 June.On the steps of Downing Street the Prime Minister said that she wanted to put an end to uncertainty and instability, arguing that division in...


13. April 2017

Does a Public Relations degree give you the cutting edge?

Laura-Jane Cameron, Grayling Scotland, considers the value of a PR degree as her fast approaching Masters Dissertation deadline looms.The debate on whether a PR qualification is necessary is not new by any means but something we are reminded of every time a new recruit...


13. April 2017

Could United CEO Oscar Munoz become the Bill Buckner of the airli...

David Schraeder, Grayling US Crisis management expert, looks at what lessons there might be from other CEOs who have found themselves in hot water.We’re just a couple of weeks into the 2017 Major League Baseball season, and already errors are costing the players and...


13. April 2017

Komfort vs soziales Gewissen: Wie widerstandsfähig ist die Marke...

Jon Meakin, Grayling US Global Business Development Director, "Was passiert, wenn ethische Bedenken deine Mobilität einschränken?"Die Generation Y. So viel wurde bereits über die faszinierende Generation der zwischen 1980 und 2000 geborenen gesagt und geschrieben,...


9. April 2017

Now Hiring: Chief Cynical Officer

Danica Ross, Grayling USA Chief Client Officer, reflects on brand communication in an age of transparency.#LeggingsGate, Pepsi… it seems otherwise-respected brands are increasingly suffering from “foot in mouth disease.” Why?Largely because they’ve failed to...


6. April 2017

Getting a first-hand look at corporate PR

Janelle Laignelet interning in Grayling’s corporate division in London shares her internship experience.As I approach the end of my seven-week internship, I find myself reflecting on the entire experience. Typically when the word “internship” is brought up, the...


31. März 2017

What can we learn from Scandinavia?

Ella O'Riordan, Grayling UK Account Executive, shares her thoughts on happiness and wellbeing in the workplace.This month, the United Nations released its fifth annual World Happiness Report, a global survey that records the state of world-wide happiness. This...


29. März 2017

How can the Prime Minister deliver on her commitment to strengthe...

Alexander Phillips, Grayling UK Account Manager, shares his insights on how the Prime Minister can deliver on her commitment to strengthen the UK post-Brexit.Today the European Council will receive a letter from Theresa May which will formally begin the UK’s exit from...


28. März 2017

How media relations accelerate start-ups' financing and growth

Rémy Debrant, Grayling France Managing Director, on why start-ups should invest in professional PR consultancy.The French are the champions of fast growing start-ups in Europe, Paris being close to overtaking London. Mainly created by digital natives, there are...


28. März 2017

Turning on a Dime to Make Money Out of Memes

Grayling Creative and Content Director, Will Kunkel on the need for speed.Twitter, in the US at least, may well have reached ‘peak meme’ this week. Anyone with a talent for Photoshop manipulation and /or creative picture captioning had plenty of raw material to work...


27. März 2017

EU DIGITAL DIGEST: Parliament's Report on the European Electronic...

It was a big week for the telecoms reform, with European Parliament upping the ante. On 17 March, the Parliament’s Industry and Research Committee (ITRE) published MEP Pilar del Castillo's (EPP) draft report, which puts forward amendments to the Commission’s...


24. März 2017

The On-Demand Enterprise

Elliott Suthers, Senior vice president Grayling San Francisco, on the coming age of Infrastructure as a Service. Like most technology, the enterprise “stack” has been defined by phases. The first generation – defined by hardware companies like IBM – focused...


23. März 2017

Engaging Millennial Employees – a Roadmap to Success

Internal Comms specialist, Debbie Morgan on the benefits of a highly engaged workforce.Much like CSR, investing in employee engagement – or internal comms as it used to be known – was seen as something of a luxury in the wake of the most recent economic downturn....


22. März 2017

What #Shoptalk17 Taught Us About Communication

Fresh from mega nextgen commerce event, Shoptalk, Austin Taczli from Grayling US looks to the future of retail...There have been countless reports showing that foot traffic at retail is down, decrying the death of brick and mortar, and the rise of e-commerce. The truth...


21. März 2017

Space Tourism: A not so distant future

Shane Staudle from Grayling in London shares his thoughts on the impact of growing commercialized space travel. This past February, Elon Musk announced that SpaceX will fly two private US citizens on a tourist trip around the moon in 2018. Though Dennis Tito holds the...


16. März 2017

Get the picture

Penny Thorpe from Grayling Midlands shares her insights on the use of photography in PR. When you consider all the changes in technology that you’ve observed in your lifetime, it makes you wonder how people used to get by without mobile phones and computers. In the...


16. März 2017

Paving a Road to Safe Autonomous Vehicles

MJ Marshall, Vice President Grayling Washington DC, about autonomous vehicles.There are many emerging technologies that are creating opportunities for economic growth, job creation and increased consumer choice in today’s digital economy. From the Internet of Things...


13. März 2017

Whatever happened to whatsername?

“It’s not 2015 anymore.” San Francisco managing director, Alan Dunton goes digging in the archives to find out what’s changed.Earlier this week, reviewing some old files, I came across some plans we had prepared for some now ex-clients in the FinTech space....


9. März 2017

Numbers and words: The importance of evaluating work

Max Daniels from the UK corporate team shares his insights on the importance of insightful evaluation.One of the most integral elements of any good PR agency is the ability to review its output. Even in the busiest periods, it is essential to showcase the success of a...


8. März 2017

Celebrating International Women's Day

Danica Ross of Grayling US considers the impact of women in the comms industryThe communications industry, and the agency world in particular, is overwhelmingly female, and our firm is no exception. And as International Women’s Day rolls around the globe and hits the...


7. März 2017

How The Washington Post Approaches Visual Storytelling: A Q&A

Grayling San Francisco managing director, Alan Dunton interviews The Washington Post’s design director on the art of visual storytellingThis blog is intended to capture ‘free thinking’ from Grayling colleagues worldwide, but I think there are very few scenarios in...


6. März 2017

The value of experience

Emma Huskins, PR Account Executive, Grayling UK, about work experience.A study by the UK Commission for Employment and Skills has just revealed that a lack of experience is the number one reason employers turn young applicants away. Further research by Pareto also shows...


3. März 2017

Going back to its roots – Is there still a need for traditional P...

In this blogpost Danielle Kaye, Senior PR Account Executive, Grayling Leeds, is going back to the roots.Famed for its indestructible build, ridiculously long battery life and the well-known game Snake, Nokia has taken over the headlines with the announcement of reviving...


3. März 2017

The BREXIT Bulletin: Life after Brexit

The latest update from Grayling's UK/EU Brexit Unit.Brexiters like to say how the EU is on the brink of collapse, that the Euro is on its last legs, and that the UK is merely the first of a whole host of EU countries to jump ship. This week the Commission published...


1. März 2017

Guide to Global Trade Fair Survival: Day Two at Mobile World Cong...

Adrian Elliot, Digital Director, Grayling Spain, is covering the Mobile World Congress 2017.Over 4 days, over 2,200 exhibitors and close to 100,000 visitors from 200 countries congregate in Barcelona for the annual mobile jamboree that has become a symbol of the Catalan...


28. Februar 2017

Back to the Future: Day One at Mobile World Congress

Adrian Elliot, Digital Director, Grayling Spain, shares his impressions from the Mobile World Congress in Barcelona.When the most talked about announcement at Mobile World Congress, which started on Monday in Barcelona, is a retro product created by a brand from another...


27. Februar 2017

Vom Nerd zum Mainstream: eSport als Trendsetter

Maria Kutscherow, Grayling München, über eSports und wie sie immer breitenwirksamer werden.Die Worlds 2016 lockten über 396 Millionen Zuschauer in 15 Tagen an und wurden in über 18 verschiedenen Sprachen übertragen. Nichteingeweihte mögen dabei an ein großes...


24. Februar 2017

Is Bigger Always Better? Five Trends in Agency Selection

Grayling's Global Business Development Director, Jon Meakin sifts the evidence, looking for clues…In my current role I am privileged to have may conversations with clients and prospective clients about the factors that inform their choice of agency. My colleagues...


20. Februar 2017

Stand and Deliver or Sit Down and Shut Up? Comms Strategy in the...

Grayling US chief client officer, Danica Ross reflects on the conundrum facing many businesses todayWell, here I am blogging again about comms in a Trump administration era. I can’t help myself, there’s just so much to dissect. It’s like a master class playing out...


17. Februar 2017

EU DIGITAL DIGEST: Netflix on holiday - A new era for territorial...

On 7 February, EU legislators in the Parliament and Council agreed on a new Regulation that will allow Europeans to access their online content subscriptions when travelling abroad (within EU borders).The Regulation is part of a much broader overhaul of EU copyright...


16. Februar 2017

Communicating with consumers in the digital age

Cait Dacey from Grayling’s Bristol office looks at how businesses can lead the way in digital interaction with consumers. With digital technology continuing to develop at an alarming rate - and consumers increasingly adopting an ‘always on’ mentality - it is vital...


14. Februar 2017

This Valentine’s Day…. Be careful who you get into bed with

Grayling's Global Business Development Director Jon Meakin considers the ups and downs of third party endorsements.The unceremonial dropping by YouTube and Disney of online influencer PewDiePie following anti-Semitic remarks and Nazi references in some of his...


13. Februar 2017

How to Make Great Content Work Harder

Ellie Schofield, Senior Digital Manager for the Grayling digital team in UK, assesses the importance of content and how you can make it work harder.Everyone knows that content is important, in fact it’s more than important, it’s crucial and one of the most effective...


10. Februar 2017

Grayling Brussels' Brexit Bulletin - 10 February 2017

The Grayling view: MPs waste opportunity to hold Government to accountThe good ship Brexit continues to sail unopposed towards its destination, most likely a "hard Brexit", namely one that leaves the UK purposefully outside both the Single Market and the Customs...


7. Februar 2017

Five lessons a crisis communications manager can learn from Bill...

David Schraeder of our US risk and crisis comms team draws inspiration from a remarkable sporting comeback.The New England Patriots faced off against the Atlanta Falcons in Super Bowl LI this past Sunday in Houston, Texas. The excitement was running high at NRG Stadium...


6. Februar 2017

What Does An AI-First World Mean For Marketeers?

Helen Ellis, Head of Atomic, Grayling's technology and consumer brand division, looks at the way AI is beginning to influence how marketeers should be thinking. Back in the Autumn Google unveiled a new foray into hardware via a suite of products, a premium...


3. Februar 2017

Newsflash: Newsjack, with caution.

Laura Rogers, Account Manager in our Grayling Midlands team, shares her insights on newsjacking.It appeals to a basic, rational founding within public relations – capitalise on a trend or topic to generate exposure for a brand or client. Its application is often in...


2. Februar 2017

If 2016 is any indication, Snapchat is on track to take over the...

LA’s Sarah London on the rise and rise of Snapchat… and how to capitalize on it Snapchat, now part of the parent brand Snap Inc, may have been launched in 2011, but it could be argued that 2016 was its breakout year. With more than 150 million active users, the app...


31. Januar 2017

Is there anyone out there? Communications in the age of Trump

US Chief Client Officer, Danica Ross considers the challenges – and opportunities – of communication in the age of Trump.If you’re looking for a political rant, you can stop reading now. This piece will neither lambast nor laud the Trump administration. That’s...


30. Januar 2017

New Year, New Video Content

Cody Edwards from Grayling Scotland's PR team takes a look at how video content will play its part in PR campaigns in 2017...As we launch ourselves into the New Year, we’ve been reflecting on the undeniable impact and success certain campaigns achieved in 2016...


27. Januar 2017

Clean eating: wielding the power of social media

Linden Gregory, Account Executive for the Grayling UK corporate team, assesses the power of social media driving the dietary phenomenon of ‘clean eating’.“Gluten is harming us all”“Vegetables can cure cancer”These are just some of the wild, and...


24. Januar 2017

What Can We Learn from La La Land?

It’s officially movie awards season. The Oscars are on the horizon and we’re all taking a trip to La La Land to escape the gloom of the winter blues.The musical blockbuster featuring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone is on course to become the UK box office’s most...


24. Januar 2017

Part-surprise, part-relief in Brussels – but plus ça change…

By taking Single Market membership out of the negotiations, Theresa May removed a major obstacle to reaching an agreement.Some in the institutions are surprised that May has taken this approach, seen as a rather drastic measure and one that contradicts both the...


19. Januar 2017

Language and Leadership

On the eve of President Trump’s inauguration, Jon Meakin considers the impact of language on our perceptions of leaders.“We will fight them on the beaches…”“We have nothing to fear but fear itself…”“Ask not what your country can do for you…”“I look...


17. Januar 2017

Postcard from CES 2017

Fresh back from her first CES, San Francisco's Crystal Yang reflects on a few stand-out moments...There is so much to take in at CES, it is almost impossible to narrow down the highlights, but here are my top three take-aways:1. Family tech brings ethical dilemmas:...


16. Januar 2017

Mehr als nur Worte

Sigrid Krupica, CEO Grayling Austria, über einen Schwerpunkt des österreichischen OSZE-Vorsitzes – der Deradikalisierung – und welche Rolle Kommunikation beim Aufbau oder bei der Verhinderung von extremistischem Gedankengut spielt.Österreich hat mit 1. Januar...


12. Januar 2017

Audience, Experience and Storytelling Tactics

San Francisco's Amy Vergara shares insights on the storytelling in the mobile-first era.I recently had the opportunity to attend the MobileMe&You2 conference in San Francisco, a one-day event discussing how mobile technology is shaking up news rooms and digital...


8. Dezember 2016

Grayling Brussels' Brexit Bulletin - 8 December 2016

The Grayling view: Barnier gives May a reality checkHow do you like your Brexit? Hard? Soft? Or - as Theresa May mentioned this week - red, white, and blue? What about grey?It may all pale into insignificance once the negotiations actually begin, if this week's...


7. Dezember 2016

The Trump Bump: Make Journalism Great Again

Adrianna Abreu of Grayling San Francisco explores the spike in media subscriptions post-electionThis week, #LoveMyNewspaper has been trending on Twitter. As I read through a mix of people giving shout-outs to their local newspapers and 140 word statements on freedom of...


7. Dezember 2016

Human After All

James Prescott from Grayling UK discusses how the ‘human touch’ can breathe life into a story“Journalists aren’t interested in you or your organisation; they’re interested in covering great stories that are a perfect fit for their audience. So anything that...


1. Dezember 2016

Escaping the Catch 22: Finding a Job Without Experience

Susana Pastrana, interning in Grayling’s technology and consumer brand division in London, shares words of wisdom for those currently looking for a job or placement in public relations.The catch 22 of all college students—find a job without experience. Some people...


22. November 2016

The Power of YouTube Advertising

Why YouTube?Being the world’s second largest search engine and third most visited site after Google and Facebook, YouTube is a bit of a big deal and unlike fad platforms such as Vine, YouTube is not going anywhere, with more than 300 hours of video being uploaded...


21. November 2016

NAFTA: A Personal View

Grayling's Lucia Domville gives a personal perspective on the importance - and the human impact - of international trade.The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) of 1994 changed many people's lives, as it did mine. When negotiations began, I was starting...


16. November 2016

Letting Go Of The Wheel

Linden Gregory, Junior Account Executive of the Grayling corporate team, on how companies can communicate the safety of driverless technologyIn the last few years, driverless cars have transitioned from the fancy of science fiction to an increasing reality that we can...


15. November 2016

Ist das live?

Im letzten Blogbeitrag unserer Serie #7for17 über die Trends für 2017 schreibt Will Kunkel, Executive VicePresident Creative & Content von Grayling in New York, über den Stil der aktuell erfolgreichsten Filminhalte im Internet – live und ungeschnitten. „Timing...


10. November 2016

Voters as Consumers

Grayling San Francisco's Crystal Yang gives a personal view of where true power lies, in the wake of the US election results.I’m a female Korean-American, and a minority in my profession. My parents are first generation immigrants; my mother moved to the US in her...


8. November 2016

Ein kleiner Schritt für eine Marke…

Danica Ross, Executive VP von Grayling San Francisco, erklärt im neuesten Teil unserer #7for17 Trend-Reihe, wie Marken den Wettlauf um Einfluss gewinnen können.In einer Zeit, in der Marken den Fokus ihrer Marketingkampagnen verstärkt auf soziale Netzwerke legen,...


7. November 2016

Throwing Stones At Hyenas; The Ethics Of PR In Developing Markets

Chris Genasi, Managing Director of Grayling Kenya, on the ethics of PR in developing marketsI run Grayling’s office in Nairobi. We are a PR consultancy working for a mix of multinational firms and local Kenyan organisations operating throughout sub-Saharan Africa, so...


3. November 2016

Ein ungewöhnliches Gespann oder pragmatische Politikgestaltung?

Russell Patten, Vorsitzender der pan-europäischen Public-Affairs-Unit von Grayling, nimmt einen der wichtigsten politischen Trends im Rahmen unserer #7for17-Serie genauer unter die Lupe.2016 war ein turbulentes Jahr für die Weltpolitik: Zunächst die historische...


1. November 2016

Realität 2.0.

Im Rahmen unserer #7for17 Trend-Serie nimmt Daniel Cohen, Global Head of Brands bei Grayling, sich dem Thema Hybride Realität an.Wer erinnert sich daran, als Pokémon noch mit Karten gespielt wurde? Diese Bilder wirken heute wie verblasste Erinnerungen. Mit 100...


27. Oktober 2016

Eine neue Generation von Influencern ist entstanden

Im vierten Teil unserer #7for17 Trend-Serie betrachtet Victor Benady, Global Creative Director von Grayling, die neue Generation der Opinion Leaders, den sogennanten Influencern.Sogenannte Social Influencer sind kein neues Phänomen. Viele Marken sehen diese bereits als...


25. Oktober 2016

Können CEOs das Vertrauens-Vakuum füllen?

Sarah Scholefield, Managing Director von Grayling UK, über den zweiten unserer #7for17 Trends - dem Unsicherheits-Faktor.Das Vertrauen in politische Eliten befindet sich auf einem historischen Tiefstand. Nach dem Brexit-Schock und dem beispiellosen Wahlkampf in den USA...


19. Oktober 2016

Alles dreht sich um MICH!

Loretta Ahmed, CEO von Grayling META, zum ersten unserer sieben Trends für 2017.So viel wurde über das Internet der Dinge schon geschrieben und gesagt – wie leicht kann man da die wirklichen Vorteile dieser technologischen Revolution aus den Augen verlieren. Was...


18. Oktober 2016

Die glorreichen Sieben

Sigrid Krupica, CEO Grayling Austria, über sieben Trends, die 2017 professionelle Kommunikationsarbeit beeinflussen werden – #7for17. Die internationale Kommunikationsberatung Grayling analysiert jährlich aktuelle Entwicklungen im Bereich Technologie, Medien und...


17. Oktober 2016

Does Brand Power Trump Policy?

As the US Presidential Election enters its final straight, Jon Meakin ponders the power of the brand in modern politics.Some commentators have called this presidential election a low point in American democracy, dominated as it has been by tweets, tapes and...


13. Oktober 2016

What Can Businesses Learn From The Language Of Brexit?

Max Daniels, Account Executive for the Grayling UK corporate team, on what businesses can learn from the language of Brexit.When I heard the announcement that the UK government will scrap the Human Rights Act in favour of a British Bill of Rights, I couldn’t help but...


12. Oktober 2016

Five Tips For Successfully Managing A Client’s Media Centre

This week I am in Turkey as part of the Grayling team that is managing the media centre for the 23rd World Energy Congress in Istanbul, where 1,000 journalists have registered.Over the past few years I’ve been fortunate enough to work with clients who have been...


11. Oktober 2016

Grayling at World Energy Congress 2016

Roisin Miller shares her insights live from the World Energy Congress on the event which is making headlines (and front pages) across the world.It's not often you get to be part of an event that captures the attention of the global media (with some not too subtle...


7. Oktober 2016

Do Media Endorsements Matter?

As the US Presidential election enters its final straights, this week has seen a slew of media endorsements. Jon Meakin asks: Do they make a difference? This is an extraordinary Presidential election by any year’s standards. The only thing the two main candidates have...


6. Oktober 2016

Mensch vs. Maschine: ICH gegen die künstliche Intelligenz?

Was passiert, wenn Maschinen deinen Job übernehmen? Meghan Gross von Grayling USA hat sich hierzu im letzten Teil unserer Serie Live smart or Die Gedanken gemacht.Die Fortschritte bei der Leistungsfähigkeit von Computern, Big Data, Datenspeicherung und Algorithmen...


5. Oktober 2016

Tempo vs. Struktur: Stoßen Großstädte durch die boomende On-Deman...

Alia Dudum von Grayling in den USA analysiert. Was auch immer wir haben wollen – wir wollen es sofort haben. Und Technologie macht dies in vielen Fällen möglich – egal, ob sich um die Zustellung am gleichen Tag, den Kauf eines Flugtickets oder die Bestellung...


4. Oktober 2016

Innovation vs. Regulation: Können die Regulierungsbehörden mit de...

‚Innovation vs. Regulation‘ ist das zweite von vier Spannungsfeldern, die unserer Meinung nach das nächste Jahrzehnt bestimmen werden, wie in unserem Blogbeitrag ‚Live Smart or Die‘ erläutert. Russell Patten gibt einen Überblick. Während einen das Tempo von...


3. Oktober 2016

Alt vs. Jung - Die Rede ist natürlich vom demografischen Wandel

In ,Live Smart or Die’ untersuchen wir die vier Spannungsfelder, die das nächste Jahrzehnt definieren werden. Das erste ist eine bereits bekannte Herausforderung, wie Amanda Blanton weiter erläutert.Es ist nichts Neues, dass Menschen immer länger leben, denn dies...


28. September 2016

How Agencies are Learning to Walk Upright

US creative director, Will Kunkel ponders the evolution of comms.When people used to ask my beloved grandmother what I did once I graduated and started my career, her reply was almost always the same. “He does something with computers.” This was, I suppose,...


28. September 2016

Die Lehre aus der jüngsten Vergangenheit ist klar: ‚Live Smart or...

Das jüngste Thema der Grayling Advantage Serie befasst sich mit den Herausforderungen und Chancen für Unternehmen und Organisationen im Zusammenhang mit den enormen technologischen Veränderungen unserer Zeit. In diesem Blogbeitrag erklärt Danica Ross (leitende...


19. September 2016

How Britain connects online and how brands can better connect…

Naddy Onions, Grayling’s Head of UK Digital, presents a snapshot of our latest piece of research on how audiences are connecting with brands online.Social media has changed the way brands connect with their consumers, from using social media to inform purchasing...


15. September 2016

Grayling Lunch & Learn: The power of surveys for effective Public...

On 6 September 2016 Grayling Brussels hosted its first Lunch & Learn session on Perception Surveys.30 participants from a range of industries and sectors enjoyed an interactive session over lunch where they learned how perception surveys can bring added value to their...


9. September 2016

Learning To Love The Dragon In Kenya

Chris Genasi, Managing Director of Grayling Kenya explains how Chinese companies must tell their African stories to keep a leading position in KenyaNairobi hosts one major trade event virtually every month. The last was the Tokyo International Conference of African...


8. September 2016

Grayling Romania präsentiert Regulatory Radar Tool

Die Plattform Regulatory Radar wurde im Auftrag von Grayling Rumänien entwickelt und ist eine umfassende Datenbank von Gesetzesentwürfen und behördlichen Entscheidungen. Sie gibt einen Einblick in die Gesetzesbildung, von den Anfängen, bis zur Annahme oder Ablehnung...


7. September 2016

Post-Labor Day Political Outlook

Kim Bayliss, Steve Perry and David Murray of our DC Government Relations team take stock of the political situation...Conventional wisdom suggests that average voters don’t really start focusing on the fall elections until after Labor Day. With only a few months left...


7. September 2016

Can “Good Writing” Be Taught?

Danica Ross from our Grayling SF office weighs on whether you can be taught to become a good writer…How do you define “good writing?” Can you do it in one or two sentences? I can’t.I’ve tried and tried for years and always wind up mimicking Justice Potter...


2. September 2016

What's Hot at IFA?

On the 2nd of September 2016, Team Atomic - Grayling UK's consumer brand and tech division - will be putting boots on the ground in Berlin to tackle one of the big beasts of the technology trade show calendar – IFA 2016. Atomic's Gabe Trodd shares his...


1. September 2016

What We Can Learn From Jeremy Corbyn

Roisin Miller, Senior Account Manager for the Grayling UK corporate team, on what we can learn form Jeremy Corbyn.Every day when I read the Times 'Red Box' email I am reminded by Matt Chorley that 'Jeremy Corbyn clings on, obviously.'Here stands a man,...


31. August 2016

Grayling : The UK Nationals Fight Back

Thomas Hall, from Grayling UK North writes on the future of UK national newspapers.At the beginning of this month the last two working journalists based on Fleet Street packed up their desks and left. Once known as the heart and mind of British journalism, Fleet Street...


30. August 2016

Brands Want to Communicate Live

Peter Kraméus, from our office in Stockholm reports on a growing trend with consumer brands. A new survey from eMarketer shows that almost one in five marketers in the U.S. will definitely try live streaming as part of their communication strategy in the next six...


26. August 2016

Brexit and Scotland’s Stages of Grief

‘I’m still at the anger stage’ said one of the participants at a recent event co-hosted by Grayling on the impact and consequences of the Brexit referendum result in Scotland, where most Scots voted clearly to remain in the EU. Clearly, only two months after the...


23. August 2016

Stories, Memories, and Now Moments: What Twitter’s Latest Move Me...

If you’ve been keeping up with social media news lately, you’ve probably heard all about Snapchat’s “Memories” and Instagram’s latest launch of its “Stories” feature (if you haven’t, check out our blog post on it here). Well, Twitter recently announced...


18. August 2016

Using Tailored Messaging to Create Magic Moments

Global Head of Digital Marketing, Jan Mikulin provides a behind-the-scenes look into the development, deployment and success of an award-winning app.Two years ago, I was in a meeting with one of our major international clients, Hilton. In that meeting I shared a vision...


13. August 2016

Neue Instagram-Funktion Stories sorgt für Kontroverse #fakersgonn...

Aufschrei in der Social Media Welt! Die beliebte Foto-App Instagram hat die neue Funktion Stories ins Leben gerufen und spaltet die Meinung der Nutzer. Während vor allem große Accounts von etablierten Unternehmen, Marken und Influencern stark davon profitieren...


12. August 2016

Den Sprach- und Wirtschaftsraum DACH besser verstehen

Auf den ersten Blick scheint Österreich, Deutschland und die Schweiz Vieles zu verbinden: Ihre geografische Nähe. Die deutsche Sprache, die ein Großteil der Einwohner der drei Länder spricht. Die stabile wirtschaftliche Situation. Und das jeweils gut funktionierende...


8. August 2016

The Brexit Bulletin - Global Highlights

It may be August, but there is no summer break when it comes to Brexit. The Bank of England has cut interest rates to a record low, and analysts are predicting a recession in the UK, but the Eurozone still seems relatively unaffected by Brexit.In the next weeks and...


28. Juli 2016

What is Spanish for Brexit?

Seen from the perspective of a country that has been without a government for over six months and with little prospect of the impasse being resolved in the immediate term, the relatively speedy and apparently pragmatic election of Theresa May as Conservative party...


27. Juli 2016

Reputation, Risk and First-Responders

Meghan Gross shares new insights on reputation, risk and first-responders she discovered when presenting to students at New Jersey City University.Last week I had the great privilege of presenting to an impressive group of graduate students at New Jersey City...


25. Juli 2016

To Boldly Go Where No EU Country Has Gone Before...

Jonathan Shillington, Managing Director of Grayling Middle East shares his thoughts on Brexit from the perspective of the GCC:The last month has been a cataclysmic time for UK politics. The British public voted to leave the EU with no plan in place of how to do it....


19. Juli 2016

Wie Marken Millennials für sich gewinnen

Aus einer Fülle an Informationen über Millennials – die bisher am besten erforschte Generation aller Zeiten – lassen sich Tendenzen ableiten, die dabei helfen die heute 25 bis 35 Jährigen einzuschätzen. Wie im vorangegangenen Beitrag zur Generation Z werfen wir...


18. Juli 2016

Delivering Messages With Impact

Meghan Gross, Executive Vice President at Grayling US recently had the pleasure of giving a presentation in Washington DC to a lunch and learn session of Women’s Council on Energy and the Environment (WCEE). She shares her thoughts on everything she learned from her...


1. Juli 2016

EU waits for the UK to serve first

If patience with the UK was running thin before the referendum vote, then it has now hit rock bottom. At this week’s Summit, EU leaders nipped in the bud any UK hopes that it may in the future be able to be a member of the Single Market whilst having its own strict...


24. Juni 2016

Britain chooses Brexit

With the final results now declared, Britain has voted to leave the European Union. From the initial figures in Sunderland and Newcastle around midnight, it was obvious that Remain was facing an uphill battle. As results trickled in overnight, the picture in favour of...


17. Juni 2016

Sektor-Leitfaden für Regulatorische Konvergenz

Im letzten Teil unserer Serie zur Regulatorischen Konvergenz gibt, Eleanor Flanagan, Co-Autorin der Studie, einen Überblick zu den Entwicklungen in einzelnen Sektoren.Während Regulatorische Konvergenz zweifellos ein globales Phänomen ist, und eines, das mehr oder...


15. Juni 2016

Internationale Angleichung der Rechtslage im Gesundheitswesen

Viele Regierungen haben das Thema Gesundheitsversorgung ganz oben auf der Agenda. Kann regulatorische Konvergenz, also die internationale Angleichung der Rechtslage, ein Allheilmittel für diese Branche sein? Simone Boselli und Christian Jebsen von Grayling Brüssel und...


13. Juni 2016

Rechtsangleichung in der Energie- und Umweltpolitik

Bringt die Unterzeichnung des Klimaabkommens COP21 nach Jahrzehnten der Pflichtverletzung wirklich eine Änderung? Fanny Van Der Loo und Silvia Romano von Grayling Brüssel und MJ Marshall von Grayling USA haben den Vertrag unter die Lupe genommen.Global gibt es nichts...


10. Juni 2016

Überfordert die rechtliche Konvergenz die Lebensmittelindustrie?

Können internationale Bemühungen für mehr Lebensmittelsicherheit und weniger Fettsucht nationale Interessen übertrumpfen? Julie Mandrille und Vanessa Chesnot von Grayling Brüssel haben sich dieses weltweite Brennpunktthema näher angesehen...Nationale...


7. Juni 2016

Regulatorische Konvergenz im IKT-Sektor

Können politische Entscheidungsträger Richtlinien und Gesetze entwickeln, die mit dem schwindelerregenden Tempo im technologischen Bereich Schritt halten? Victoria Breck aus dem Grayling-Büro in Brüssel hat die Antworten, die Sie auf Google nicht finden.Einheitliche...


6. Juni 2016

Die Wirtschaftskrise veränderte den Finanzsektor nachhaltig

Nirgendwo ist Rechtsangleichung mehr evident – und relevant – als im Finanzsektor. Jonathan Curtis von Grayling in Großbritannien erklärt warum…Seit der Liberalisierung der Kapitalmärkte und der Einführung von Deregulierungsmaßnahmen auf nationaler Ebene in...


2. Juni 2016

Fünf wichtige Treiber und Hindernisse von regulatorischer Konverg...

Regulatorische Konvergenz – oder die Angleichung von Standards, Richtlinien und Gesetzen – ist ein äußerst komplexes Thema, dem international tätige Unternehmen und Organisationen heute gegenüberstehen. Eleanor Flanagan aus dem Strategie-Team von Grayling...


31. Mai 2016

Regulatorische Konvergenz – was es ist und was es bedeutet

Regulatorische Konvergenz oder Rechtsangleichung über Landesgrenzen hinweg ist ein Faktum. Was bedeutet das und wie werden international tätige Unternehmen und Organisationen davon beeinflusst? Wie man in diesem Bereich den nötigen Überblick behalten kann, hat das...


23. Mai 2016

Slovakia’s EU Presidency: Business as Usual?

Less than two months ago, Slovakia was still focused on the results of its Parliamentary elections, one of the key concerns being that the outcome would not allow the creation of a stable government – directly threatening Slovakia’s ability to run the Presidency of...


13. Mai 2016

Don’t Forget the Customer

Whether an unwelcome event hits your organization suddenly or is looming on horizon like a storm cloud, chances are you’ve got a robust crisis communication plan in place to address it. On the flip side your company could be about to welcome a terrific opportunity in...


3. Mai 2016

The Sharing Economy and Trust, an Issue That Can Only be Tackled...

David Simón of Grayling Spain on the role of regulation and not getting left behind There is no doubt that sharing economy apps and platforms are becoming highly popular. Looking around, many friends and colleagues are engaging in some form of economic sharing, whether...


2. Mai 2016

Engaging Millennials: Three Things Banks Can Do Better

Anastasia Elaeva, Head of Corporate Communications at Grayling Russia writes a blog on how banks are strategizing to better engage millennials.As Millennials are wielding more economic power, financial services firms are trying to ramp up their digital capabilities to...


21. April 2016

Paris’ Place de la République: Is Nuit Debout the new Occupy Wall...

Since March 31, thousands of people have been gathering every evening at the ‘Place de la République’ in Paris to share their disillusionment with institutional politics... A grassroots movement that recalls Barcelona's "Indignants" or New York's Occupy...


20. April 2016

Panama Papers to Shed Some Light on Transparency in Europe

Grayling Brussels' Robert Francis assess some unexpected upside from the Panama Papers revelations.Up to now Europe has largely failed to bring about transparency in taxation matters. Luxembourg and the UK in particular have been staunch opponents – not...


19. April 2016

EU-US Privacy Shield: What's Going On?

In February 2016, the European Commission and the United States agreed on a new framework for transatlantic data flows. The so-called Privacy Shield is set to replace the Safe Harbor agreement, which was invalidated by the European Court of Justice.Imminent approval One...


12. April 2016

The Competing Demands of Progress and Perfection

As PR practitioners, how many times do we reinforce to our clients or our internal stakeholders the tried and true recommendations from our playbooks? Probably pretty often. Things like “Authenticity is an important quality of your communications,” or “You’re...


31. März 2016

The Rise of Bulletproof Corporates

Are we seeing a new breed of corporates that are untouchable when it comes to reputation?For years PR practitioners have advised that building a positive corporate reputation brings many benefits to the bottom line. Whether it is impact on the share price or brand...


16. März 2016

Das schwarze Loch namens MWC

Wie die Anziehungskraft von Marken durch Social Buzz und Sichtbarkeit in Suchmaschinen geprägt wird.Das mobile Universum vor dem MWC 2016Auch in diesem Jahr konnten die Besucher des Mobile World Congress einen Blick in die Kristallkugel und auf die Zukunft der mobilen...


1. März 2016

BigPictureBrussels on #Brexit

Finally we have a date (23 June) for the UK referendum on EU membership, following a drawn-out EU Summit which tested EU leaders, both in terms of finding compromises and in terms of staying awake!So what was agreed at the Summit, and how will this impact EU-UK...


26. Februar 2016

The mobile device is dead. Long live Internet everywhere.

Adrian Elliot of Grayling Spain spent the week at Mobile World Congress. Did he see the future?Do you remember having to wipe those SMS messages from your mobile in order to free up space in the system? Or all those commercial ‘MMS’ messages that seemed like the...


24. Februar 2016

Samsung slaying the zombies to lead in VR race

Yesterday, we looked at how the first day of MWC buzz and activity had impacted on each brand’s visibility in search and social.We saw how media titles seized on the dystopian image of Zuckerberg’s address about VR and Facebook had driven huge swathes of commentary....


23. Februar 2016

Who is Winning at Mobile World Congress?

As the eyes of the (marketing) world fixate on Barcelona for the next few days, we thought we’d take a quick peak at how the main mobile brands are faring in the war for impact.Yesterday saw Samsung steal much of the media’s attention, with their Gear VR and...


25. Januar 2016

What Can We Expect From the Dutch EU Presidency?

To prepare you for what promises to be a lively and testing first half of 2016, our Grayling Brussels team has prepared a guide to the Dutch EU Presidency.The Dutch are well-respected in EU circles and will be effective at pooling their rather limited resources to...


21. Januar 2016

Where to Next? Tourism Trends That Will Drive the Industry in 201...

Grayling Turkey's Artanç Savaş on the major travel industry trends for this year 1. China on the moveIf you are keeping an eye on global economy columns, there is a great chance that you have already read several stories about the Chinese economy slowing down. But...


23. Dezember 2015


In the last of our 8for16 trends blog posts we consider how, in an era of instant price comparisons and product reviews, brands must foster direct emotional connections with consumers who expect consideration and customization at every turn. Relationship marketing has...


22. Dezember 2015


People will continue to make the shift from consumer to citizens as they work together to demand transparency, mobilize support and affect change.Democracy in MotionNew and established civic engagement platforms will connect people and governments, enabling effective...


16. Dezember 2015


As mobile becomes the dominant platform for communications globally and contactless payment figures soar, 2016’s consumers will demand instant gratification and ever more frictionless experiences. 2015 was the year in which Google confirmed that more searches take...


11. Dezember 2015


People will shift from broadcasting content on public news feeds to more intimate connections with small fluid groups via messaging apps, text and email. Organizations will seek to inspire, enable and track sharing in the dark.The Intimacy AdvantageSticking with our...


9. Dezember 2015


We’ll see rapid changes in consumer behavior, as the sharing economy mainstreams across markets. Nothing is sacred – expect new models for everything from finance to healthcare, as the next generation rips up the rule books and reimagines the future.Reinventing the...


4. Dezember 2015


Video Killed the Radio StarWhat are the implications for comms as the ‘play’ button becomes ubiquitous?The fact is, video is going to kill just about every other medium in 2016 as it continues its seemingly unstoppable takeover of the global web. The numbers are...


30. November 2015


We will see consumers take ownership of their personal data and become more sophisticated in how they integrate, benchmark and compare it, to gain insights into their behavior and improve their wellbeing. Brands that enable this will be welcomed into our daily...


26. November 2015


As altruistic Millennials wield greater market power and also greater power in the marketing department, brands will have to establish social relevance as well as product relevance.This is not just about organizations throwing money at CSR initiatives to help right...


26. November 2015

8 FOR 16 TREND #1



9. November 2015

The importance of being an observer

A simple but frequently underused tactic in a busy work environment, observation can help you learn a lot about those you work with, and can give you the edge when you start out.Everything these days seems to be done with the need for speed. References to Top Gun aside,...


3. November 2015

Lessons from Terminator: PR is in permanent transition

One week PR is “Dead”, the next it’s “Mid-Transition”. The true picture is that PR is permanently in flux and therefore needs constant redefinition. Agility is at the core and will decide the winners and losers in this fast-growing industry. It’s time to be...


28. Oktober 2015

Content? It’s all about the people.

With so much talk over the future of content, it’s time to ignore the hype and get back to basics.Whether we like it or not, the word ‘content’ has come to encompass a whole breadth of publishing formats. If we accept advertising legend Dave Trott’s point that...


27. Oktober 2015

Twitter – the ultimate discovery engine?

This article by Chris Owen of Grayling originally appeared in Brandwatch.Recent weeks have seen yet further discussion about the future of Twitter – and by extension its true monetary value, and how it can set about realizing its undoubted potential.The network has...


27. Oktober 2015

Should PR lead brand building?

There’s a huge land grab going on in our industry over who owns what in communications. A recent survey of Chief Marketing Officers (CMOs) found that many believe that PR should not lead brand building. I disagree. Here’s why.The road to truly integrated...


14. Oktober 2015

When it comes to PR, time shouldn’t equal money

A successful brand proposition is founded upon solid communication, storytelling and conversation, so it makes sense that PR should be taking more of a share of the spend.This post originally appeared in Brandwatch.There’s been much debate recently about the expansion...


22. Juni 2015

Making the most of Middle Eastern promise

22 June 2015I spent the last week in the Gulf States of Dubai and Qatar. The digital economy in this region is set to go through the roof, according to recent data. How can brands capitalise on the opportunity presented by the region and what does this mean for...


2. Juni 2015

The Value of Long-Form Content

I recently focused on the importance of an image strategy to satisfy the short attention spans of a mobile-connected audience, but it should not be at the expense of long-form content. A healthy balance needs to be struck. Here’s why:1) Google and social love...


25. Mai 2015

Andrzej Duda to become next President of Poland. Earthquake in Po...

According to Ipsos late polls Andrzej Duda (43, Law and Justice, centre-right wing) won the second round of presidential elections with 52 percent votes and will become the next President of Poland. Thus the incumbent president Bronisław Komorowski, who only two months...


19. Mai 2015

Turkey elections – what does this mean for businesses?

19 May 2015Starting this month, both local and international businesses will have to brace themselves for a second year of intense political debate in Turkey. All political parties have turned up the volume in anticipation of the June 7 Parliamentary elections. On the...