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2. Oktober 2017

The secrets to successful client relationships

Joanna Buggy, Director Grayling Scotland, compares popular advice for finding romance with establishing longterm healthy client relationships.Tips for achieving romantic success are plentiful and lapped up as people search for the Holy Grail and the gateway to eternal...


11. September 2017

3 KPIs that can actually hurt ROI

Danica Ross, Grayling US Chief Client Officer, about how we should measure success in PR. September is AMEC Measurement Month making today an ideal time to discuss the big question: How do you measure success? It’s the question that shows up on every RFP. And the one...


The Advantage Series

Kleine wie große Unternehmen und Organisationen aller Branchen müssen sich in Sachen Kommunikation und Reputation komplexen Herausforderungen stellen. Hier gehen wir auf einige von ihnen genauer ein und zeigen auf, wie Grayling für seine Kunden entscheidende Vorteile schafft.


6. September 2017

Anastasia Elaeva on Arts Patronage for Communication Director Mag...

Following the launch of her Brands and the Arts whitepaper, Anastasia Elaeva - Head of Corporate Communications, writes about Arts Patronage 2.0 in a contribution to the September issue of the Communication Director Magazine published by the European Association of...


5. September 2017

Has Google’s Latest Update Killed Search As We Know It?

Alex Judd, Grayling GCore Business Director, scrutinises the sensationalist headlines about Google’s homepage change. Is their search bar really on the way out?Why All The Fuss?Recently, Google announced a rather dramatic change to its homepage. Dramatic because...


23. August 2017

I’m no expert, but….

Chris Genasi, Managing Director Grayling Kenya, about how to be a trusted expert in a time when no one trusts experts.Experts, what do they know? Those with in-depth knowledge have had a rough time of it lately. When the UK voted to leave the European Union, the air was...


13. August 2017

What does "off the record" mean, anyway?

Vetreran reporter, Eric Taub gives the journalist's perspective. As Grayling Chief Client Officer, Danica Ross, so aptly pointed out, short-lived White House communications chief Anthony Scaramucci got himself fired not just because of the crass, gross comments he...


10. August 2017

It’s a loud world out there, but do you have to shout to be an in...

Brigit Carlson, senior account executive Grayling San Francisco, reflects on the nature of influence. It’s become impossible to ignore social media. We live in a world where the nightly news spends time dissecting the latest tweets from our President. As...


9. August 2017

Thought Leadership: Are we all really thought leaders?

Jonathan Shillington, Managing Director Grayling Middle East, about leaders.Last month, I mediated a lively discussion with an international group of communications executives on the now so popular PR strategy must-have…Thought Leadership. For many of us in...


7. August 2017

Sensitivity to innovation should be at the heart of drone regulat...

Alexander Rowlatt, Consultant Grayling Brussels, writes about the future of legislation concerning drones.Seemingly overnight unmanned aircraft or drones have become a feature of our skies. Whether used for covert military operations, spicing up the offerings of the...


1. August 2017

The Authenticity of Communication

Brinson Willis, global marketing intern in Grayling’s GCore division, looks to the future of personal and professional communication in light of artificial content cluttering the online presences of today’s brands and individuals.The buzz of vibrating cell phones...


26. Juli 2017

What the Tour de France can tell you about assembling a winning P...

Cycling fan Elliott Suthers from the Grayling team in San Francisco considers the parallels of PR and pelotons. Working in Silicon Valley means that the Grayling team gets to support companies that are literally changing the world. Some are revolutionizing healthcare,...

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