Kimberley Holder

Senior Consultant

Grayling Bristol

So the New Year is well and truly underway and the festivities of Christmas are already starting to seem like an age ago.  But with everyone looking ahead to 2014 and what the year has in store, we thought now would be a poignant time to take a moment to step back, reflect and look at the year that was 2013.

  1. Hitting the headlines

    It was a big year for news: Nigella Lawson’s court case once again highlighted the power of trial by media and the importance of keeping counsel in the face of very public adversity.  The birth of HRH Prince George of Cambridge brought the world’s media to one very important door (for weeks on end!) and the introduction of the Government’s Help to Buy scheme finally saw optimism restored to the country’s house-buyers. 

    Social and the news agenda

  2. Social media continued to play its role in driving the news agenda and providing unfettered insight into what really makes us tick.  The BBC news website lists everything from the deaths of Margaret Thatcher and Nelson Mandela to the skyscraper which melted cars and Tom Daley’s shock YouTube announcement among the stories which really got us talking.

    Trend report

    And what about the trends that shaped consumer behaviour?  According to research by Mintel, 2013 was the year we looked to affiliate ourselves with companies that share our cultural and political values – as shown by the backlash against Italian pasta maker Barilla’s anti-gay stance on advertising and subsequent support for Bertolli’s “Pasta and Love for all” campaign.  The research also showed that despite the continuing popularity of online networking and everything ‘i’-related, for some, the ability to connect and communicate everywhere and all the time got a bit too much – a trend which prompted Brazilian beer brand Polar to create a mobile phone ‘nullifier’ that stops any phone and internet connection within a 1.5 meter radius, giving us all a bit of peace to sit back and enjoy our pint.

    Grayling Effect

    As for us at Grayling, last year was a transformative year that brought the appointment of our new CEO, the launch of our new brand and the birth of the #GraylingEffect which places data-driven insight, genius ideas and strategic agility at the heart of everything we do.

    Bring on 2014!


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