Interest in luxury, beauty and fashion knows nothing of crisis.

Despite going through a period of economic recession, people are still interested in consumption, in learning about new trends although they not always materialise in a purchase. This is why women’s magazines are still able to attract advertisers and readers in a daunting scenario for other types of media.

It is within this scenario that a myriad of opportunities arise for consumer brands and, as a consequence, for those of us who work in communications. Opportunities we will be able to make the most of if we know how to define our objectives clearly.

Besides having highly attractive paper formats for their readers, women’s magazines have learnt to take advantage of online communications and adapt to the new platforms that clearly meet the brands’ needs and the readers’ tastes. Just like any other media, women’s magazines rely on advertising as their main source of income, and therefore require the highest number of readers and traffic in their webs as a means for selling their advertising space. For this reason, the brands which will have greater possibilities of appearing in women’s magazines will be those offering more contents of interest, either through online platforms that contribute traffic to the media’s web or through alliances that provide an added value to the reader.

As communications experts, we must work towards offering creative ideas that do not directly talk about the brand but about something that will attract readers. In this way, we will get the media to position contents in the best possible way and they will be able to consider the brand as a partner, especially when the brand is considering making little or no advertising investment in this media.

It is an undisputed fact that there is an ever-increasing competition between media and blogs and, therefore, we need to distinguish ourselves and develop user loyalty by offering exclusive contents tailored to each media where the brand wants to be. The user will be the one to choose what contents to consume and this is why we need to draw him into the brand, making him the brand’s ambassador and, together with him, communicate the values and image we want to transmit.

In recent months, we have seen a large number of campaigns humanising a brand and featuring the consumer as a leading actor. For this purpose, ingenuity, creativity and distinction will be crucial for the brand in order to generate more engagement and awareness from the media consumer.

Let us make the most of the opportunities women’s magazines have to offer, develop communications plans that maximise visibility of the brands we represent and, in this way, offer them to the final consumer in the best possible showcase.