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ODS: new faces and high hopes

Over the past four years, the ODS has been working hard to improve the brutally damaged reputation of a party whose prime minister almost ended up in jail. The transition to a reliable conservative party has been overseen by a university professor, Petr Fiala. The party...



New Christian Democrat generation on the rise

The Christian Democrats (KDU-ČSL) have featured in many Czech governments since 1990 and have a lot of institutional insight and experience to offer when it comes to actual governance. Party leaders Pavel Bělobrádek and Marian Jurečka, securing top ballot spots in...


The Advantage Series

Společnosti všech velikostí napříč všemi průmyslovými sektory čelí náročným výzvám, které se nejčastěji týkají pověsti značky, regulace nebo komunikace. Naším úkolem je pojmenovat úskalí, zjistit, jak se dají překonat a zajistit tak svým klientům náskok před konkurencí.



TOP 09: catching up with past glory

A host of election polls suggest that TOP-09 will be fighting for its survival in the Chamber of Deputies this year as it balances on the edge of the 5% threshold. One of the main reasons is undoubtedly the rather unwise choice for the new chair, Miroslav Kalousek,...



ANO Movement – more than just Babiš

Jakub Hudec, Public Affairs Consultant and healthcare/IT expert at Grayling Czech Republic kicks off our commentary series on candidates of major political parties for the upcoming election.As previously announced in our September issue of Political Digest, we would...



Trust me, British political woes are a walk in the park

Libor Fůs, a consultant from Grayling’s office in Prague, provides a refreshing outsider perspective on recent developments following the UK General Election.Visiting the United Kingdom in the fortnight since the General Election, I find myself in a unique position...



Upcoming challenges in the healthcare sector: regulatory obstacle...

Jakub Hudec, Public Affairs Consultant and healthcare expert at Grayling Czech Republic looks at issues of the Czech healthcare sector.It is almost a tradition for health care to be a key topic of every parliamentary election campaign in the Czech Republic, and the...



The future of Czech energy: aligning good governance with good bu...

Jan Sádlo, Public Affairs Consultant and energy expert at Grayling Czech Republic looks at challenges to the Czech energy sector.At the end of 2017, the Czech Republic is going to have a new government that will need to set up key energy policies for the future, meet...



Is This Real Time?

Will Kunkel, Executive Vice President for Creative and Content in Grayling New York, on the final of our #7for17 trends, Live and Uncut‘Timing is everything’ has been a favorite line to many but never has it been so true as when considering the demands of younger...



One Small Step for a Brand…

Danica Ross, Grayling San Francisco US Executive Vice President, on how brands can guide themselves through the ‘the new space race’ – part of our #7for17 trends series.In an era where brands increasingly focus their marketing campaigns on social channels, we are...



Strange Bedfellows, or Pragmatic Policy-Making?

Russell Patten, Chair of Grayling’s European Public Affairs practice, looks at one of the major political trends as part of our #7for17 series. It’s been a turbulent year in politics, with the UK’s historic decision to leave the European Union, and all of the...



Things Just Got Real

Our Global Head of Brands, Daniel Cohen on the fourth of our #7for17 trends series, Hybrid RealityDo you remember when playing Pokémon meant trading cards in the playground with your friends? It’s a distant memory. With 100m downloads and over $10m/day earnings, the...

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