Foreign Direct Investment is profiling on a truly global stage.  With fierce competition.

Making it work is hard. FDI Communications requires sensitivity and local knowledge. Cultural, economic and political differences cover the world like a tapestry. How to respond. Delivering your messages. To the right people. At the right time.

With removal of trade barriers and accessible capital, opportunities are rife. Emerging and developing markets are claiming a share of the wealth. But there is still fierce competition. Big challenges.

At Grayling we know how best to tackle these issues. To get your message across. On a world stage.

We’ve been doing it for years. Helping cities and investment organizations not only get heard. But attract investment. Support. Success.

Differentiation through creative strategy. Understanding. Smarts. Bringing your story to life in the eyes and ears of the right audience.

Making local messages resonate globally. Stand out. Succeed. All in a day’s work. Our global network of specialists bring the world to you. In every language. On every time zone.