Policy-making around the world is incredibly complex and fast-moving. New policies. New legislation. New leaders.


Government relations is crucial to all business organizations. It’s getting your interests heard. Having a say.


With social media, political situations progress faster than ever before. New initiatives, gathering data, debating the issues of the day. Openly.


Responding and relating effectively is vital. Being respected. Heard. We can help. We have over 30 years of experience doing just that.


At Grayling we know how to navigate the political landscape. The legislative maze. Turning threats into opportunities. Giving you a say.


Whether it’s companies, international trade associations or civil society organizations. We make it work. Across the political and policy spectrum. Understanding the needs of business. The demands of policy makers. Creating a union. A beautiful union.

In 15 different time zones across the globe our specialists have the skills and the experience. The know-how. We’re talking to the right people. Right now. Why aren’t you?