Citizens’ views count, like never before. Our multi-platform world has unleashed billions of voices onto the grid.


All of them eager to have their say; especially on backyard issues like the environment, housing, health. And these voices are getting heard, thanks to a legislature that positively encourages participation, in the private and public sectors. It’s all good – except when those voices delay or derail vital proposals.


That’s why Grayling’s public consultancy focuses on creating engagement – timely engagement, amongst the broader community, and key stakeholders. It works – for them, and for you.


Public consultation, and early input from key audiences, not only builds better relationships, it dramatically improves decision-making – yours, ours, theirs.


So, we make sure we know how these audiences think, and act. Then we work out how to talk to them, how to learn from them, and how to give back to them. We root our campaigns in insight, rigor and discipline, and that dictates a data drill-down.


But it doesn't dictate delays. On the contrary, we think of Grayling as a verb – fit, fluid and fast off the blocks, driving the narrative, owning the debate.