Influence matters. Influencing opinions, behavior, business outcomes. Public Relations is influence and engagement.

What you say and how you say it has an effect. Positive or negative. The messages you deliver to your audiences can build your brand, drive influence, and your bottom line. Or just as easily break you.

At the heart of every brand is a narrative. A story. Understanding what your organization stands for develops engagement for your brand. In your market. With customers and stakeholders. Competitors and the media. The man on the street.

We know how to tell your story. We know how to write it too. It’s what we do.

At Grayling we develop your story. Give you a point of view. Take that message to market through multiple channels. Print, online, social media, even face to face. Engaging and influencing with your audience. Consumers, stakeholders, investors and shareholders, even the competition. Delivering on your business objectives.

We’ve been delivering influence through PR for decades. We understand how it works across a wide range of sectors. Across the entire globe. Putting data-driven insights at the heart of everything we do.

Whether its start-ups or multinational. Public sector or not-for-profit. Our creative zest and experience will give your messages the right impact, and drive business results.