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Emerging Trends in the Property and Infrastructure Sector

11th August 2017

There is no escaping the fact that in terms of public profile the next few years will be critical for property and infrastructure, not least because it’s back on the political and media agenda in a big way.

We’ve considered some of these as part of our 2017 Education Trends Report, which is downloadable, below. 

Many of today’s issues offer an insight into the themes we can expect the developers, architects and consultants we work with, to face in the years ahead. The current sustainable housing agenda tells us a great deal about the emergence of a much wider and holistic perception of what sustainable development will mean in the years to come; Brexit has exposed fundamental questions about skills and the supply chain; and the ambition articulated in the Devolution Deals speaks to the tensions between the need for housing and the resistance to how and where that need is met.

As one of the country’s leading communications companies and a specialist in property and infrastructure communications, we continue to be privy to some truly fascinating innovations in the sector. But we also know that due to the pace of change, few in the sector have yet had time to catch their breath and start to think about the next set of key communications challenges that lie ahead.

For the sector, now is the time to take stock and start strategy planning. The expert team at Grayling are on hand to host planning, strategy and messaging sessions, but in the meantime, our Property and Infrastructure Trends Report for 2017 offers food for thought.

For more information please download the report below. 

Contact: Craig Ling or call +44 (0)7 8086 41778

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Craig Ling

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