Stealing the Show at CES 2016

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Making Faraday Future’s high-performance race concept (FFZERO1) launch the #1 story at CES 2016.

Project Leader

"Our challenge was to make Faraday Future the most talked about story of CES - against a media landscape critical of automotive start-ups, based on a rash of failed launches. We needed answer the question: What makes Faraday Future think they can succeed where so many others have failed? "We shifted the focus from the car to the company: how quickly it was growing, the talent it’d recruited, its partnerships and commitment to building a $1bn manufacturing facility, and the technology upon which the FFZERO1 was built, as proof points as to why it would ‘Bring the Future to Life’. Realizing Faraday Future wouldn’t cut through the CES noise with little brand awareness, we organized a series of stories with influential media leading into the event, and released teaser content across social channels, engaging fans with a VR experience/360 Facebook ads, and an augmented reality app. The results were astounding."