Construction and Property: it’s important. It’s the homes we live in, the stores we buy from, the roads we drive on.

Construction and property companies understand the need for planning. Throughout the entire construction process you need to be one step ahead. From the blueprints to the red ribbon, construction projects need effective planning. A keen eye.

Tricky planning loopholes and community engagement is just the start.

When there’s a big job to do, sometimes the peripheral work is what makes a project overrun. Working with the community to issues management. Traversing the political issues surrounding planning or relations with elected officials and local influencers. There’s a lot to do.

Working with a partner who knows as much about communication as you do about construction is important. The difference between success and failure. Making or breaking the budget.

At Grayling, we have the experience, the networks and the knowledge of the Construction and Property sector. We’ve been there and done it. Whether it’s generating footfall and sales for retail projects. Or helping to navigate the tricky planning processes. We can help.

We have the eye for detail too. Health and safety legislation. Sustainability. CSR and Industrial relations. We know what we’re talking about. Whether it’s small town residential developments or huge international commercial projects. We know how to get people talking. In a good way.