The Healthcare sector is sensitive and demanding. Delivering the right local message about global industry issues is challenging.

When you look at the globe there are a multitude of different debates; different legislations; different laws. Certain countries don’t allow drug advertising. In developing countries the private market is dominating. Whereas in the US; accessibility, affordability and new medical technologies dominate the agenda. Complicated.

Add to this pharmaceutical companies having to lobby cash-strapped governments for funding, yet justifying R&D to shareholders. Not to mention the patients. Getting the right story across. Landing  the right message, to the right audience, can be difficult.

Grayling knows how. We’ve done it before. We’ll do it again.

We have the experience at driving the debate; managing public affairs. public relations and issue management. Consumer and corporate communications. All driven by effective strategy. Globally.

Our specialists in 14 time zones around the world have the knowledge of local regulations. We know how to deliver public awareness campaigns, lobbying and advocacy to government. We know how to inform consumer media. Compelling yet responsible messaging. Accuracy as standard.