Riding the Bitcoin Wave

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Cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase tapped Grayling to ensure that an appropriate, measured and positive company narrative is developed for the company, around the volatile cryptocurrency market. 

Creating Advantage

Top tier coverage including the New York Times, Wall Street Journal, Fortune, CNBC, Bloomberg

60+ journalists engaged within the first month

Took proactive control of issue around an IRS lawsuit that sought to force Coinbase to divulge private information of about half a million customers

Coinbase has quickly become the go-to authoritative commentator on bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies

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Project Leader

Coinbase needed a team that could plug in and execute on day one to reset the way in which company execs engaged media, which was previously largely reactive. We immediately outlined a new media engagement strategy, which included defining the boundaries of what the company should discuss and what they should avoid, delivering a comprehensive prioritization of media and outlets to add increased efficiency to the vetting process, and establishing a rapid response team to review and manage the most critical opportunities.

In addition to helping Coinbase get a handle on its media machine, we are also focused on telling the company’s proactive story – ensuring that it sets the narrative around the key issues that are the most critical to its business.