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A two-day event in New York and London, designed to attract more investors to Colombia.

"Before we launched this investment forum, international investors represented only about 2% to 3% of the total annual traded volume in the Colombian capital markets, whereas after growing for the past three years they now represent 30% of the annual traded volume." 

Juan Pablo Cordoba, Chief Executive Officer, Colombian Securities Exchange

Creating Advantage

432 delegates between the two events, including 86% investors

20+ journalists attended in New York and London

Most delegates at CEO / CFO level

25+ meetings facilitated between potential investors and Colombian companies from the Oil and Gas, Utilities, Construction, Aviation, Retail, and Financial Services sectors.

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Project Leader

"In addition to attracting media interest, our role was to help set the agenda for the conference, target and attract the right audience to the event, sand facilitate one-on-one conversations between potential investors and Colombian CEOs and CFOs."