Taking on the Mobile Duopoly

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Making a shift from value perceptions to establish ZTE as the smart choice, taking on the might of Apple and Samsung.

Creating Advantage

Each online influencer generates a minimum of 20,000 engagements with every product launch

PC Mag’s ‘Excellent’ review and others were seen to drive sales

Over time we have seen ZTE’s share of voice increase...

...And brand reputation has improved

Project Leader

Historically known as a value brand, our brief is to shift perceptions of ZTE and establish it as a challenger brand in the US. We adopt a highly targeted approach to ensure ZTE’s market-leading features are appreciated by the media and online influencers who matter, and whose opinions and recommendations drive sales – and not eclipsed by the superior brand power of Apple and Samsung. Of particular importance is the US Hispanic market, among whom ZTE over-indexes, thanks in part to its price-competitiveness. To engage this audience, we work with highly influential bloggers and YouTubers, through a combination of partnerships and paid support, as well as earned media outreach.