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21st November 2017

Did Justice League even have a chance?

Crystal Yang wonders whether 'negativity bias' is responsible for the flop of Justice League.If I were to partake in #WCW, every Wednesday would be a tribute to Gal Gadot. I can’t go as far as to say that I’m her No. 1 fan, but I can say that I’m more of a...

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Inside Influence

We live in a technology-enabled information age, where at the press of a button four generations can share their views and opinions on the products and services to which mass affluence has granted them access.Where once the mass media reigned supreme as the major...

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The Advantage Series

Organizations of all sizes, across industry sectors, face complex reputational, regulatory and communication challenges. Here we examine some of those in depth, looking at how they can be overcome, and how Grayling can create advantage.

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16th November 2017

What MiFID II will mean for the future of Investor Relations

Lucia Domville looks ahead to some seismic changes in the IR space in 2018.Starting January 2018 MiFID II regulation (Markets in Financial Instruments Directive 2004/39/EC) will kick in, and with it, some real challenges for financial services not only in Europe but...

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13th November 2017

A reflection on moving to Silicon Valley and joining Techonomy 20...

San Francisco's Tenaya Goldsen joined a conference of some of the world's biggest thinkers. When I moved to San Francisco, just over four months ago, I suspected that technology would continue to be an evolving part of my everyday life – but I did not realize...

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12th November 2017

On KPIs and Measurement…

Chief Client Officer, Danica Ross makes the case for rigorous measurement.This month I’ve had the honor and pleasure of serving on the judging panel for the ICCO Global Awards. And, truly, what a pleasure it’s been. It was a rare joy to just sit down with a large...

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10th November 2017

Cybersecurity: We know the risks, but what about behavior change?...

A recent report from National Cyber Security Alliance found that most Americans are more concerned about having their identity stolen than losing their main source of income. At the same time, according to the National Institute of Standards and Technology, six in 10...

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2nd November 2017

Media Insights: John Dix of Network World

As 2017 draws to a close and the promise of new year looms large, Grayling decided to sit down with some of our favorite journalists to discuss technology, trends, and get their thoughts on the most over-hyped stories of the year.First up is veteran enterprise writer,...

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1st November 2017

MLB Facing Conspiracy Theories on its Biggest Stage

America’s favorite pastime sport is once again under attack and it’s not for the age-old complaints around umpiring or the length of games. Theories about #juicedballs are running wild.Game two at Dodger Stadium featured more home runs than any World Series game...

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13th October 2017

The Power of Emotional Marketing

Emily Plotkin from Grayling's LA team gets emotional over the Apple Watch...Apple’s announcement of its new devices was perhaps the most anticipated tech event of the year. Tech enthusiasts and everyday consumers alike couldn’t wait to see the unveiling of the...

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11th October 2017

Leading from the Back: Why Pushing Beats Dragging, Every Time

Last week, Grayling’s global head of strategic services, Jon Meakin made a presentation to the ICCO Summit, on the nature of innovation, and how clients and agencies working together can push the envelope. Below is a transcript of Jon’s presentation. Good afternoon,...

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22nd September 2017

Lessons from an earthquake - by someone who was there

Executive vice president, Lucia Domville was on business in Mexico City when the earthquake struck this week. She reflects on the role of the media and social media... good and bad.I lived through Mexico’s earthquake in 1985. Then, many more buildings collapsed, and...

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11th September 2017

3 KPIs that can actually hurt ROI

September is AMEC Measurement Month making today an ideal time to discuss the big question: How do you measure success? It’s the question that shows up on every RFP. And the one that the communications field, as a whole, still struggles to answer.Too often, valiant...

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