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20. Mai 2019

What comes after Putin? And why care now

The recent historical record is littered with spectacularly false predictions about the results of elections and the future of political leaders. Russia is no exception, spawning multiple ‘After Putin’ scenarios that will quickly be forgotten once the president...


16. Mai 2019

Time for a new call to action on cancer?

What does it mean for communicators if cancer becomes a condition that we live with, rather than are cured of? Kathryn Ager, Grayling UK’s Head of Health, shares her thoughts. The news today that cancer could one day be a condition that we live with, rather than...


The Advantage Series

Kleine wie große Unternehmen und Organisationen aller Branchen müssen sich in Sachen Kommunikation und Reputation komplexen Herausforderungen stellen. Hier gehen wir auf einige von ihnen genauer ein und zeigen auf, wie Grayling für seine Kunden entscheidende Vorteile schafft.


23. April 2019

Is Game of Thrones a Triumph of Profile Over Penetration?

Jon Meakin, Grayling's Global Head of Strategic Services, explains what brands can learn from the most talked about show on television. In my first PR agency role, the chairman-owner insisted on interviewing and signing off on every candidate before they were...


10. April 2019

Nota bene: The other half

There are many brands who try their hand in “femvertising” or attempt to incorporate feminism and gender equality into their external comms strategies. But it is clear that most of them are failing. As a woman, I know this. Either that brands are not aware of the...


18. Februar 2019

To Boldly Go Driverless

Bethany Haller, a Senior Account Manager in our Birmingham office, shares her thoughts on the role the public will play in the success of driverless technology. This week I joined a discussion on the UK’s top driverless vehicle projects, bringing together leading...


4. Februar 2019

CEOs be warned: think about your values as brands begin to expres...

Billy Partridge, Director and reputation management expert at Grayling UK, explains why CEOs must spend more time understanding and articulating their personal brand. Companies of all sizes are cottoning on to the fact that having values matters to customers. For...


30. Januar 2019

Four Things You Need to Know About the Class of 2023 Before They...

Danica Ross, Chief Client Officer Grayling US, pinpoints some remarkable traits of the next crop of students. I have the honor of serving as an alumni interviewer of freshman applicants to my alma mater. In the nearly 20 years that I’ve held this role, I’ve...


15. Januar 2019

Trend 6: Alles wird eins

In der sechsten und letzten Folge unserer #6x19-Trend-Serie untersucht Loretta Ahmed, CEO von Grayling Middle East & Africa, die Bedeutung des sorgsam durchkomponierten Kundenerlebnisses. Den Schlusspunkt unserer Trend-Serie #6x19 setzt „Alles wird eins“: Ein...


14. Januar 2019

Trend 5: Nische wird Aufbruch

Im fünften unserer Blogbeiträge im Rahmen der #6x19 Trend-Analyse erklärt Danica Ross, Grayling US Chief Client Officer, dass Kommunikationsprofis in immer kleineren Dimensionen denken. Und warum das gut ist. Schon in unserer #6into18 Vorschau behandelten wir die...


11. Januar 2019

Trend 4: Medium wird Botschaft

Im vierten unserer #6for19-Blogbeiträge erklärt Kat McGettigan, Head of Consumer Brands bei Grayling UK, wie die besonderen Beschaffenheiten und Eigenheiten eines Kanals oder einer Plattform Botschaften einzigartig werden lassen. 2019 bekommen wir was zu sehen,...


10. Januar 2019

Trend 3: Klang wird Welt

Im dritten unserer #6for19-Blogbeiträge erklärt Klara Banaszewska, General Manager von Grayling Polen, wie Marken und Unternehmen mit Klang auf offene Ohren stoßen. Und wie ihnen die Technologie dabei hilft. Siris zugegebenermaßen ebenso amüsante wie...

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