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31st August 2018

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 31 August 2018

The BREXIT Bulletin: Second referendum - the case for Our intro last week led to a number of responses from our dear readers - more, in fact, than...

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Grayling Brexit Unit

Our Grayling Brexit Unit (GBU) brings together the very best consultants from across the Grayling network and includes those who have direct experience of working alongside the leading political figures charged with negotiating Brexit in London and Brussels.

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The Advantage Series

Organizations of all sizes, across industry sectors, face complex reputational, regulatory and communication challenges. Here we examine some of those in depth, looking at how they can be overcome, and how Grayling can create advantage.

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17th August 2018

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 17 August 2018

The BREXIT Bulletin: Combating the BAD side of BrexitThis week POLITICO EU ran a story on the work of two UK based academics alluding to so-called Brexit Anxiety Disorder (BAD). The premise is that Remainers who tend to have a certain socio-economic profile –...

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10th August 2018

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 10 August 2018

The BREXIT Bulletin: Why not all Brexit issues are that difficult to solve...Since the publication of the UK's White Paper we have repeatedly stated that whilst the EU would reject the UK’s proposals on goods and customs, the foundations of a future relationship...

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3rd August 2018

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 3 August 2018

The BREXIT Bulletin: Withdrawal Agreement should be business' priorityThe EU and UK Brexit negotiators have departed on a well-earned summer break. However, with the October deadline looming ever closer and significant progress still to be made, it will be difficult...

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27th July 2018

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 27 July 2018

The BREXIT Bulletin: EU shows how to make friends and influence people This week’s visit by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker to Washington underlined the EU’s ability to mobilise soft power and demonstrated its influence on the world stage. The fact...

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13th July 2018

Grayling Brexit Bulletin - 13 July 2018

The BREXIT Bulletin: The Grayling view on the White Paper - and how the EU may react We must start this week’s edition of the Brexit Bulletin with an apology for failing to publish an edition last week. As you may have expected the Grayling Brexit Unit has been rather...

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29th June 2018

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 29 June 2018

The BREXIT Bulletin: EU Summit shows signs of irritation This week's Summit has been focused on immigration.Oh, and Brexit. A bit. But mostly on immigration. The Italians aren't happy, Merkel is in a spot of bother etc...But yes, Brexit. Remember? The EU is...

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8th June 2018

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 8 June 2018

Much of the Brexit attention has again been concentrated in London this week despite a round of negotiations in Brussels from 5-8 June.With developments in Brussels having slowed to a trickle, reporting on concrete developments in the Brussels section of the Brexit...

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1st June 2018

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 1 June 2018

The BREXIT Bulletin: Trump scuppers brave new trading world Is this the week when the brave new world of a post-Brexit UK - trading freely and unencumbered with the rest of the world - came crashing against the reality of an overtly protectionist US President?Last night...

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29th May 2018

Grayling Policy Update on Single Use Plastics

In response to the growing amount of plastic marine litter in oceans and seas, endangering ecosystems, biodiversity, and human health, the European Commission published on 28 May a proposal on the reduction of the impact of certain plastic products on the environment,...

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23rd May 2018

Grayling Policy update: The EU's Third Mobility Package

The EU’s Third Mobility Package is the final piece of the European Commission’s ‘Europe on the Move’ agenda which was announced in the 2017 State of the Union address.The European Commission is therefore putting the final touches on its work to upgrade the...

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