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11th April 2019

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 11 April 2019

The BREXIT Bulletin: The dates have changed, but the circumstances haven't It's 11 April, and the UK is still in the EU. Indeed, it is...

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Grayling Brexit Unit

Our Grayling Brexit Unit (GBU) brings together the very best consultants from across the Grayling network and includes those who have direct experience of working alongside the leading political figures charged with negotiating Brexit in London and Brussels.

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The Advantage Series

Organizations of all sizes, across industry sectors, face complex reputational, regulatory and communication challenges. Here we examine some of those in depth, looking at how they can be overcome, and how Grayling can create advantage.

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20th February 2019

An EU Communications Director, expert in Energy, Environment & Su...

Brussels office Grayling is a global Public Affairs and Communications Consultancy. Our Brussels team of 30+ multinational consultants is a hub for EU and Pan-European integrated public affairs, media and digital advocacy campaigns. At Grayling we develop...

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19th February 2019

Grayling featured amongst the best EU Public Affairs consultancie...

If you’re looking for the right partner to conduct your EU Public Affairs, we’re delighted to inform you that Grayling has just been listed amongst the best EU Public Affairs consultancies in bestinbrussels 2019! Bestinbrussels is an online guide that...

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15th February 2019

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 15 February 2019

The BREXIT Bulletin: The Morning after the Night Before II Last night the UK Government...

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30th January 2019

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 30 January 2019

The BREXIT Bulletin: Carry on Regardless The Prime Minister has been sent back to...

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18th January 2019

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 18 January 2019

Quote of the week...

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14th December 2018

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 14 December 2018

The BREXIT Bulletin: Where we are and what will happen* If one week is meant to be a long...

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30th November 2018

Event - European Competitiveness in a Post-Brexit World

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27th November 2018

Europe Leads the Way in the Fight against Plastic

Single use plastic has become something of a ‘hot topic’, not only in Brussels but across Europe. In response to the growing amount of plastic and marine litter in oceans and seas, endangering ecosystems, biodiversity, and human health, the European...

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27th November 2018

Smart cities: Europe wants to be at the forefront

Rapid and unprecedented urbanisation across the world is seeing cities faced with higher demand for housing, water, electricity, municipal services, transport and public administration. Innovative answers to these challenges are being developed under the broad...

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23rd November 2018

Grayling's Brexit Bulletin - 23 November 2018

The BREXIT Bulletin: They should have seen this coming... So we finally have the Political Declaration that is to sit alongside the...

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