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15th Juni 2018

What is in store for the future of apps?

As the Apple iPhone App Store approaches its 10th anniversary, Cody Edwards, Account Executive in our office in Edinburgh, looks at how apps in particular have aided communications.The future of the app store is a topic which has been widely debated for some time now....


12th April 2018

How to stop retail from eating itself

Grayling's US creative director, Will Kunkel looks for lessons from the demise of Toys R' Us. I have few more fond memories than pulling into the Toys R’ Us parking lot as a kid, and few things have struck me more sad than the giant Going out of Business signs...


The Advantage Series

Kleine wie grosse Unternehmen und Organisationen aller Branchen müssen sich in Sachen Kommunikation und Reputation komplexen Herausforderungen stellen. Hier gehen wir auf einige von ihnen genauer ein und zeigen auf, wie Grayling für seine Kunden einen Wettbewerbsvorteil schafft.


3rd April 2018

“This is a national newspaper for local people!”

Alex Beresford from Grayling Leeds discusses the merits and importance of regional newspapers.Regional media can often get a bad press. Twitter account @CrapLocalNews has 57K followers and frequently posts pictures of newsagent billboards reading the likes of “SEAGULL...


26th März 2018

Urban Future Global Conference 2018: wie City Changer eine Stadt...

Karin Wiesinger, Director Grayling Austria, war als Teamlead und Session-Host zum Thema "How to make people change their behaviour" bei der Urban Future Global Conference 2018 in Wien im Einsatz.In diesem Blogbeitrag teilt sie ihre Eindrücke von der weltweit größten...


6th März 2018

AI, AR or VR – which child of the tech revolution has a bright fu...

Sohini Datta, digital strategy expert from our office in Dubai, explores how AI (Artificial Intelligence), AR (Augmented Reality) and VR (Virtual Reality) are relevant to the communications profession.When I graduated from college, back in 2007, if you didn’t pick...


28th Februar 2018

Why exactly was KFC’s crisis PR response so FCK-ing good?

James Matheson, senior account manager Grayling Scotland, looks at why the fast-food chain’s crisis response has gone down so well…A chicken restaurant running out of chicken? If I had suggested this as a scenario for one of Grayling’s crisis PR media training...


12th Februar 2018

Data, data, everywhere – but what about the people?

Jon Meakin, global head of strategic services Grayling San Francisco, on the need to put human experiences at the heart of storytelling.In recent weeks I’ve been spending a lot of time talking to Grayling clients and would-be clients about our #6into18 trends – the...


6th Februar 2018

3 Search Engine Trends To Watch Out For

Alex Judd, Gcore Business Director Grayling UK, about search engine trends.Search engines change incessantly, but what you really need to know is where these incremental changes are heading – what’s the bigger picture? That’s why we’ve picked up the top three...


5th Februar 2018

Facebook Changes: Forget What you Thought You Knew

Reese Maabich, Head of Digital Campaigns Grayling Continental Europe, analyses what the recent change to the Facebook algorithm means for brand pages.Using Facebook is being at mercy of the social media giant. People see what Facebook wants them to see.The social...


22nd Januar 2018

Oh, Snap!

What happens when employees share sensitive information either on-purpose or inadvertently? Alan Dunton, Managing Director Grayling San Francisco, asks what can be learned from Snap’s latest travails. Snap, the company behind image messaging and multimedia mobile...


21st Januar 2018

Impressions are so 2017: Dos and Don’ts for 2018 measurement

Danica Ross, chief client officer Grayling US, on the need to get critical about how you evaluate your PR program.The new year has ushered in dramatic change for Grayling and many of our clients. Gone are the days of iterating on previous programs or “doubling down”...

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