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We help Groupe Action Logement (formerly 1 % Logement) get visibility and awareness about its new ambitions following its April 2015 major reform. We have been its PR agency since then.

Creating Advantage

We have positioned Groupe Action Logement as the key housing actor in France, through a long term communications programme in the scope of which we present the Group's new face and we help its various audiences appropriate this new organisation and the improvement stemming from it

Nous organised 2 major press events for Groupe Action Logement: Annual Convention, in November 2016, and media press breakfast during which the new Group was presented, in May 2017 (total of 28 journalists involved and 61 clippings).

On the occasion of the April 2015 reform, we organised about 30 interviews with tier-1 media, over a 3-month period, so that to share with them the reform's stakes and convince them about its implementation. In 2017, we organised about 25 media interviews, with key media: France 5, Business Immo, L'Opinion, Le Monde, l'AEF…

In 2017, the media coverage was impressive: more than 3,500 articles (dedicated and not dedicated).

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Project Leader

In a context of long-lasting economic tension (high unemployment rate, questioned labor law reform...), we fully support Groupe Action Logement on all the housing and employment stakes - 2 major topical issues.