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Grayling raised the profile of M&S’s first ever Spark Something Good initiative in Scotland, alongside M&S celebrity ambassador, Joanna Lumley. The project aimed to motivate and inspire people to volunteer time to improve the lives of others.

Creating Advantage

118 pieces of coverage achieved.

84% of print and online coverage included an image.

53% of print and online coverage included two or more key messages.

M&S has deepened its relationships with the local community and forged new links with local organisations.

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Project Leader

In March 2016, Grayling was tasked with supporting the launch of M&S’s Spark Something Good initiative in Edinburgh.

The aim was to encourage volunteers from across Scotland’s Capital to join 100 M&S employees in a week of volunteering to positively impact 24 projects at the heart of the community.

Edinburgh was going to be the first city in Scotland to host an M&S Spark Something Good event, following the successful launch of the campaign in London last summer, so the team needed to make sure the event made a positive impact.

Not only that but we also had celebrity, Joanna Lumley, who is an M&S ambassador,  help to launch the activity, so the pressure was on.

Our Solution:

The Spark Something Good event was to run for just seven days, the team had to therefore work tirelessly weeks in advance to set-up exclusive interview opportunities with Joanna Lumley, liaise with the 24 community projects involved in the campaign and to ensure media were aware of all the picture and filming opportunities that would be available.

Our activity included the drafting and issuing of press releases, engaging with local, influential bloggers, drafting tweets for key stakeholders to use, the management of Joanna Lumley’s time in Edinburgh, booking and briefing photographers and setting up interview with influential media such as STV and the Daily Record, which has one of the highest newspaper circulations in Scotland.