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19th April 2018

Does polling have a place in modern politics?

Christine McKenna, a Senior Account Executive in the Public Affairs Team, explores how the polling industry is responding to the challenges of polling the modern electorate. Wednesday marked a year since Theresa May made the now infamous decision to go to the polls for...

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19th April 2018

Social media and the rules of engagement

Gaynor Kay from Grayling Scotland’s PR Team talks about how brands are still breaking fundamental rules when running competitions on social media Everyone knows that amazing feeling you get when you win something, it doesn’t matter how big or small the prize, it...

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The Advantage Series

Organizations of all sizes, across industry sectors, face complex reputational, regulatory and communication challenges. Here we examine some of those in depth, looking at how they can be overcome, and how Grayling can create advantage.

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19th April 2018

Closing an acquisition with success

Anna from Grayling’s Consumer team shares her insights on the best way to work with a client and media during an acquisition close.What happens when one of the biggest global companies wants to take one of your clients on board in a force of mutual innovative prowess?...

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16th April 2018

Saving retail – the challenge of the UK high street

Ari Angelides, an Account Executive at Grayling Birmingham, investigates the reasons why high-street retailers are experiencing extreme financial difficulty at the start of 2018The UK high street has seen several leading retailers decimated in the early part of 2018, in...

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12th April 2018

Brexit, Health and Immigration: how will the Government tackle vo...

Thomas Anelay, a Senior Account Manager in the Public Affairs Team, explores how we can expect the Government to act on the issues that voters most care about.As Parliament returns, issues polling indicates that what matters to the electorate hasn’t changed very much...

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4th April 2018

Taking an hour's lost sleep from a negative to a positive

Kevan Barber, Senior Account Manager in the Grayling Consumer division, recounts the team’s most recent campaign, focused on the dreaded lost hour of sleep when the clocks change. The clocks springing forward marks the joyous start of British Summer Time (even if the...

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28th March 2018

What motivates voters in local elections?

On Thursday 3 May local elections are taking place across England with a mix of metropolitan, unitary, borough and district councils and the mayoral elections in the Sheffield City region, Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Watford. Christopher Peacock, Head of Grayling...

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27th March 2018

“This is a national newspaper for local people!”

Alex Beresford from Grayling Leeds discusses the merits and importance of regional newspapers.Regional media can often get a bad press. Twitter account @CrapLocalNews has 57K followers and frequently posts pictures of newsagent billboards reading the likes of “SEAGULL...

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22nd March 2018

Yet another Brexit agreement?

Thomas Anelay, an Account Manager in the Public Affairs Team, gives four key takeaways from this week’s Brexit agreement.In typical EU negotiating style, an agreement (ish) has been reached on a transition period and the legal text of the withdrawal agreement just in...

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21st March 2018

Communicating in the Education Sector - Tuition Fees, Value For M...

Kara Nelson, Associate Director at Grayling Bristol, looks at the challenges faced by UK Universities - already in the spotlight over VC pay - as they try to navigate the complicated process of tuition fee reform and how they define ‘value for money.’Education is...

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19th March 2018

Where now for Wales? The EU Continuity Bill and the Future of Dev...

With the Assembly approving the General Principles of the Law Derived from the European Union (Wales) Bill, otherwise known as the EU Continuity Bill, the battle lines have been drawn over the devolution of powers post-Brexit. Huw Owen from Grayling’s Public Affairs...

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