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Grayling's Charity Trends Report 2017 - Emerging trends in the charity and not-for profit sector

19th July 2017

It’s been a difficult few years for the charity sector. Reputational and operational issues have been brought into sharp focus as the sector grapples with how to survive and thrive. The fundraising, lobbying and governance landscape has changed, and it will continue to change further in the coming years. Few in the charity sector have yet had time to catch their breath and start to think about key communications challenges that lie ahead.

We’re taken a long-lens look at the direction of travel and considered what the sector can expect in the coming years, as well as how to prepare for the change that lies ahead. For the sector, now is the time to take stock and start strategy planning. The expert team at Grayling are on hand to host planning, strategy and messaging sessions, but in the meantime, our Charity Trends Report for 2017 offers food for thought.




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