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3 Search Engine Trends To Watch Out For

6th February 2018

3 Search Engine Trends To Watch Out For

Search engines change incessantly, but what you really need to know is where these incremental changes are heading – what’s the bigger picture? That’s why we’ve picked up the top three trends facing the world of SEO that affect any content execution:

1. Voice Search & Personal Assistants
Search has always been a functional channel and now people are increasingly turning to voice assistants to find out information – so much so that comcast predicts 50% of searches will be conducted by voice by 2020. And when using your voice, you search in a much more specific way than you would on a keyboard. For instance, let's say you’ve decided to go on a short break to Cyprus with the kids, if you're typing, you're most likely to search "holiday to Cyprus" and see where it takes you; but when using your voice - because it's slightly less effort to do so - you'll give more information and say something like: "I want to go on a family holiday to Cyprus for three nights". This is what's called a "long tail" search, in that it’s longer and more specific, so your content needs to cater for a variety of different user needs. It’s no longer one size fits all.

2. Structured Data
Tying in with the above, voice searches and personal assistants are looking for succinct answers to their user’s queries that it can read out, rather than reading out an entire page of search results. So the margin for success becomes even slimmer.

And even for those not using voice, search results are adding an increasing number of features to their results pages, such as review scores:

And “result zero”:

Both of these examples make it more likely that you’ll be at the top of search results – and thus read out by personal assistants too. But this all hinges on search engines understanding your content, so not only does the code of your website need to be nice and neat, you also need to utilise structured data mark-up, particularly to stay ahead.

3. Security
Last on our list, but by no means the least important, Google is getting hot on security – and where Google goes, every other search engine follows. Security for your website comes down to your SSL certificate and whether or not you’re HTTPS or HTTP, in other words it’s the bit before your “www.” you need to be concerned about. The former used to only be necessary for pages that required financial transactions, but now it’s seen as a prerequisite for any trusted website - so much so that half of page 1 search Google search results were HTTPS last year and it’s only going to increase. Boring it may be, but it’s vital you upgrade your website to HTTPS if you haven’t already to make the most of your new and existing content.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these trends. Will you be acting on them? Let us know on over on our Twitter page


Alex Judd, GCore Business Director, and Rebecca Golub detail the top SEO trends in 2018 for businesses to be aware of.

Alex Judd

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