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Today's businesses run on technology. Choosing the right technology solutions can make the difference between winning and... not. And for tech solutions providers, becoming the partner of choice means standing out from the crowd, getting your message across in a way that creates a competitive advantage. 

From Silicon Valley, to Shanghai, that's what we do. We create advantage for business-to-business technology brands. 

Technology and the C-Suite

Decisions about technology solutions are no longer the sole preserve of an IT manager. They are strategic judgments, made at the highest level within major organisations, up to and including the CEO.

That's why our technology communications experts don't just speak the language of tech, but the language of the board room. 


Specialist Expertise

Cybersecurity is one of the fastest growing sectors - and rightly so. Data breaches can affect any company, and businesses must be protected. So the cybersecurity sector is understandably competitive. 

Our experts in this field help cybersecurity companies cut through, with clarity and purpose. 

As data storage needs grow in both size and complexity, storage has become strategic. 

We understand what drives those strategic decisions, and what boxes need to be checked to satisfy everyone involved in those decisions, from the C-suite to the IT administrator.

Specialist Services

Strategy is everything. It informs your message, your channel and media selection, your tactical toolbox. Without it, you are just another tech vendor, without a clearly defined point of difference.

Throughout the world, we work with B2B tech companies large and small, to develop robust communication strategies that are genuinely differentiating.

In the tech sector, where differentiation can be tough, having effective storytellers leading the business is a key means of standing out. 

We excel at turning executives into compelling spokespeople - the focal point for their business, the storyteller-in-chief. And we get those stories told through every channel - through the media, of course, but also at industry events, and through owned content platforms and social media.

Analysts carry enormous influence, and must be kept informed and up to date with your business, its vision and future plans.  

Our team maintains relationships the major analysts covering the tech sector, relationships we are able to leverage to ensure our B2B tech clients' stories are reflected in analysts' reports. 

With the earned media space arguably more competitive than it has ever been, creating and leveraging effective owned content is an essential part of the modern communications toolkit. 

Whether it's ghost writing blogs, creating long form content like white papers, or producing explainer videos and other rich content, our teams are accustomed to combining in-depth sector understanding with a knowledge of what makes sticky content, and the ensuring it is seen by the audiences that matter most. 

Technology is one of the most heavily regulated sectors, and our clients must navigate complex regulatory landscapes, the world over. 

Our public affairs experts' knowledge of the regulatory landscape, and how to navigate it, creates advantage for the B2B tech companies we represent, across a range of industries.

If technology fails, the consequences can be enormous - for those companies' customers, and for the reputations of all involved. 

Our role is to protect reputations, as well as build them. And that involves thinking the unthinkable - identifying the worst things that could possibly happen, and preparing for those eventualities. 

Our mantra is: Prepare, respond, recover. 

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