With 5.5 billion searches every day, Google is not only the most widely accessed source of information, it’s also the most credible. So with PR all about influence, integrating with SEO is no longer a choice: it’s a necessity. We feel so strongly about this that we’ve built proprietary technology to lead the charge.

We’ve put our money where our mouth is, let us show you what that means for your brand.

What Is GCore?

Designed by and for the PR industry, in the Google age, GCore is our exclusive software that connects the marketing dots.

By linking search engine data sources with PR expertise, the technology and our service empowers brands to take control of their search presence. And with public relations activity playing such a big part in search engine algorithms, coupled with the popularity and trust of these algorithms, there’s never been a more important time to integrate.

So now is the time to take action. We’ll show you how we can protect and enhance your reputation, increase awareness and drive sales, all evaluated with measurable ROI.

GCore Services

We offer a number of different services through our GCore tool, all incorporating search engine benefits to PR activity.

Online Reputation Management

Any marketing activity you do will be driving more people to search for your brand, making your brand search results the key to conversions. Here’s how we can influence them...

Not only are people most likely to look for your brand in a search engine, rather than type in your website, those searching specifically for you are highly valuable leads. They’re potential customers, three and a half times more likely to buy from you. They’re potential candidates, with 71% searching for a brand before submitting an application. They’re also investors, journalists and other key stakeholders, all likely to take action. So leaving a good impression is key.

Your stakeholders will be searching for you in a variety of different ways, all of which yield different results. We’ll identify the language used and analyse each webpage that appears in your search results to understand the state of play. In particular, negative content in your search results can have a huge impact on people’s perception of your brand. Just one negative headline or review can cause up to 22% of people who see it to not visit your website, engage with your content or purchase from you – compounding further the more negative content they see. Equally, Google never forgets; meaning headlines from years ago can still be sat in your search results today, continually causing damage.

Our unique insights gained through GCore, combined with our extensive reputation management experience, means we are the perfect partner to enable you to take control of your search results – and your reputation. The first step is to utilize your owned content. We can ensure Google understands you as a brand, appreciates your existing content and what new content is needed to take greater control of you search results. Then we identify the key third parties and media, who to engage with, what to promote and what media relations work is needed, ensuring people see positive, controlled content whenever they search for you.

Gap Analysis

Using intelligent SEO techniques, we can uncover the most lucrative space to focus a new campaign or product launch, driving a creative platform with data insights.

People turn to search for a specific need, but what needs can you realistically fulfil? Chances are there’s quite a few and each one of these areas will be searched for using hundreds of different words, phrases and sentences. We’ll identify all of these to attain the most thorough dataset possible.

With your different areas known, there’s many different factors to study. The demand, the difficulty, the content being produced, the dominant brands and more - we analyze every important metric to create a comprehensive review of the landscape ahead.

Using this review, and taking your business priorities into account, we collaboratively select the key area for your next campaign; the area that will deliver the best ROI for your marketing budget.

Content Marketing

Know exactly where you want to stake your claim? Here’s how we’ll establish you as an authority in your field.

Search is a functional channel, so you need to meet a functional need. We’ll match your marketing messages with what people are typing into search engines, providing the foundation to your content strategy.

Based on these insights, we’ll develop a content plan, ensuring the most important searches are targeted with the most effective content - from landing pages to blog posts to interactive graphics – all optimized and housed within a content hub structure.

Once developed, we’ll co-ordinate an effective, cross-channel launch to drive a spike in activity. Then, to follow-up, we track search rankings and web traffic on a monthly basis to understand both the short and long-term benefits of the campaign.

Media Targeting

Search isn’t all about owned content, it can also amplify your media relations…

Every PR practitioner knows that media all have their specialisms and some are more authoritative than others, but few measure how they sit in search results: the long-term benefit of coverage you receive. You could assume that the bigger publishers perform the best, however this isn’t always the case. And where each media’s website structure and content execution is out of your control, it’s time to take guesswork out of the equation.

With different media ranking for different searches, we help you identify the key titles, specific articles and journalists to target with your content. Then using our extensive global contact list, we have the expertise to approach these contacts and secure media placements.

Because we know where every online piece of coverage sits in search, we can provide accurate monthly traffic figures for any placement. Demonstrating that one coverage hit can deliver results months after its publication.

3 reasons why PR & SEO are the perfect match

1. Search engines are the most credible source of information
Out of all channels available, both on and offline, our research shows that search engines are perceived as the most credible:

That’s because they’re such effective aggregators of information that people trust them to return the best information for their needs.

2. They’re the biggest traffic driver for any website
With a plethora of domains out there (.com, .co.uk, .org, .net and so on) even if people want to find your specific brand, they’re more likely to type it into a search engine. So not only is search a driver for discovering your brand, it’s also absolutely key at the recall stage too.

3. Good PR drives more traffic in search
There are thousands of factors at play when a search engine decides what webpage sits where, but really they all boil down to four key points – and three of them are rooted in PR expertise.

With expertise in the fourth and the ability to measure the impact, we’re not just talking about integrated communications, we’re living it.

GCore Team

GCore is a service that crosses all sectors and disciplines and our team reflects this. Led by search specialist Alex Judd and driven by our integrated communications experts.


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