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2017 május 9

Senior PR tanácsadót keresünk

Magyarország egyik vezető nemzetközi ügynöksége Senior PR tanácsadót keres.Ha - szenvedélyed a kommunikáció,- kiválóan írsz és beszélsz angolul,- széleskörű médiakapcsolatokkal rendelkezel,- otthonosan mozogsz az integrált kampányokban,- mindig van...


2017 május 8

PR munkatársat keresünk

PR munkatársat keresünk Magyarország egyik vezető nemzetközi ügynökségéhez.Ha - szenvedélyed a kommunikáció,- kitűnően írsz és beszélsz angolul és magyarul,- érdekel a média világa,- otthonosan mozogsz a közösségi médiában,- képes vagy...


The Advantage Series

Organizations of all sizes, across industry sectors, face complex reputational, regulatory and communication challenges. Here we examine some of those in depth, looking at how they can be overcome, and how Grayling can create advantage.


2017 március 31

Stressed? How to make your CV stand out from the rest

Global Marketing and Business Development intern Shane Staudle reveals his keys to making your CV stand out…The job market has always been competitive and as young adults with little experience it can be difficult to get your CV in front of proper eyes. This is why it...


2016 december 15

The Magnificent Seven

Global Creative Director, Victor Benady introduces #7for17 – the seven trends that we predict will be influencing communications in 2017.Today we unveil our annual reflection on the changing nature of technology, the media and communication, and the seven major trends...


2016 november 15

Is This Real Time?

Will Kunkel, Executive Vice President for Creative and Content in Grayling New York, on the final of our #7for17 trends, Live and Uncut‘Timing is everything’ has been a favorite line to many but never has it been so true as when considering the demands of younger...


2016 november 8

One Small Step for a Brand…

Danica Ross, Grayling San Francisco US Executive Vice President, on how brands can guide themselves through the ‘the new space race’ – part of our #7for17 trends series.In an era where brands increasingly focus their marketing campaigns on social channels, we are...


2016 november 3

Strange Bedfellows, or Pragmatic Policy-Making?

Russell Patten, Chair of Grayling’s European Public Affairs practice, looks at one of the major political trends as part of our #7for17 series. It’s been a turbulent year in politics, with the UK’s historic decision to leave the European Union, and all of the...


2016 november 1

Things Just Got Real

Our Global Head of Brands, Daniel Cohen on the fourth of our #7for17 trends series, Hybrid RealityDo you remember when playing Pokémon meant trading cards in the playground with your friends? It’s a distant memory. With 100m downloads and over $10m/day earnings, the...


2016 október 27

A New Breed of Influencers Comes of Age

Global Creative Director, Victor Benady considers the coming of age of the new generation of social influencers, as part of our #7for17 trends series.Social influencers are not a new phenomenon, with many brands now considering them an essential element to their media...


2016 október 25

Can CEOs Fill the Trust Vacuum?

UK Managing Director Sarah Scholefield, on the second of our #7for17 trends, The Uncertainty FactorIt is safe to say that our confidence in political elites has plummeted to an all-time low. After the shock of Brexit, or watching in awe as the upcoming US election...


2016 október 19

It’s All About Me!

Our Middle East, Turkey and Africa CEO, Loretta Ahmed considers the first of our major trend predictions for 2017.So much is written and said about the Internet of Things (IoT) that it is sometimes easy to lose sight of the benefits of this technological revolution; I...

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