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Who turned out the lights? Day two at CES

10th January 2018

Grayling's Emily Plotkin reports back from day two of CES.

The day began with a minor inconvenience--the Las Vegas Convention Center (the home of CES) lost power this morning in the middle of the show. The outage lasted two hours and at the time of writing, the cause is still unknown. Without power, most companies were unable to show off their products. But It didn’t stop companies from displaying some of their most innovative products later. Here is our roundup of today’s CES news:

  • Qualcomm and Ford join forces to create a new "language" for vehicles: Qualcomm and Ford made a joint announcement, stating that they will be working together on “Cellular Vehicle to Everything”, a new way for vehicles to communicate with each other. They are attempting to create communication among vehicles with smart infrastructure, in order to increase road safety when self-driving vehicles are introduced on to the roads.
  • Sick of doing your laundry? Now you can buy a machine to clean and fold your laundry for you: The catch? This AI powered laundry machine is priced at a cool $16,000.
  • Watch TV without even lifting a finger: Dish announced today that it has been working on integrating Google Home and Google Assistant into its TV service, creating a TV that can be controlled with your voice.
  • A competitor for Uber and Lyft: Koolicar, a French startup launched in 2012 with a mission to organize peer-to-peer car rentals, announced that it has a new AR-driven app coming, called Koolicar GO. This app allows users instantly to find cars within their vicinity that are available.
  • A phone that can calculate calories within food: Samsung announced its new artificial intelligence assistant, Bixby, that will supposedly be able to identify calories in different foods, though it is still in initial stages. It does so using AR, with the prototype identifying several meals and then displaying the number of calories contained within them for the user.
  • Can these earphones replace your personal trainer?: Soul Electronics has shown its new in-ear headphones at CES with gait analysis, built mainly for runners. The company states that the earphones will give you feedback on your form, and how to improve it.
  • The next generation of Refrigerators: LG announced its new fridge, which allows you to pretty much do everything on it—shop groceries, play music, look at your calendar, and more. With Amazon Alexa, the 29’ HD transparent LCD touch screen on the fridge also allows you to see inside the fridge while it’s closed.
  • Design your own speakers: BeoSound Shape is a wall-mounted wireless speaker system for people who love music—and people who love home décor. The speakers are customizable and produce amazing in-room acoustics.
  • Sony introduces a new kind of projector: Sony plans to transform the way you see and display entertainment, with anew 4K ultra short throw projector. The physical design is flawless-- an artificial marble top, aluminum frame and wooden shelf. And we forgot to mention the most astonishing part—it’s 49-1/2" × 22-1/8" × 18-5/8".
  • Did you notice something missing at CES?: Amazon’s Fire TV OS has been absent at CES. Many TVs on the CES floor have support from Amazon’s Alexa, but none from Amazon’s Fire.

Emily Plotkin is an account executive with Grayling Los Angeles.

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