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When Avis tasked Grayling with coming up with a campaign that would bring to life its new ad campaign across seven markets, it was hoping for coverage generation outside of its usual trade media.

“The team delivered a game-changing campaign for us which transformed the perception of PR within our business. The idea was original and creative and the approach to stakeholders unified all of our agencies and departments across Europe in a way that hasn’t been done before. It is hands down the most successful and original campaign we’ve ever run.”

Sam Purton, Avis Budget Senior Brand Manager EMEA

Creating Advantage

Within six weeks, the World’s Best Driving Road directly generated £120,000 worth of rental sales.

A total PR reach of over 470m.

295 articles across Europe’s top performing media were generated social engagement increased by 2,206%.

Share of voice grew by 4.3% across all markets.

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Project Leader

We developed an integrated campaign across seven markets, that fired up car enthusiasts.

Our audience analysis revealed that for car enthusiasts, somewhere along the way, the excitement, romance and adventure of car rental had been lost. We developed a strategy to rekindle that by tapping into the target audience’s love of driving and set out to identify the World’s Best Driving Road. 

To do so we recruited three leading experts to create a scientific formula: quantum physicist, Dr Mark Hadley; F1 racetrack designer, Hermann Tilke; and rollercoaster designer, John Wardley. Together they created the Avis Driving Ratio (ADR).

Working with Dr Hadley, we measured total road length, the number and sharpness of bends, the length of straights and the road elevation of 25 of the world’s best roads and applied the Avis Driving Ratio.

We rolled out the campaign via traditional and social media, with the hashtag, #AvisBestRoad, driving customers to a single content hub, avisbestroad.com. 

Video content brought the campaign to life, with Dr Hadley being taken for a spin by Hermann Tike around a race track in a Porsche 911, and talking about g-forces while riding the Nemesis rollercoaster at Alton Towers.