BGC Charity Day


BGC Partners hosts their annual BGC Charity Day, so far raising over $137 million for charities around the world. Grayling’s work for BGC Charity Day delivers mass media coverage and huge social buzz, all in the name of a fantastic cause.

Creating Advantage

200,000 social media engagements for #BGCCharityDay

15 high-quality articles in national print and broadcast media

200 million reached through social activity

2.5bn total media reach. This includes 5.5m print media coverage reach; 6.6m broadcast media reach and 2.5bn online media reach

Project Leader

On 11 September 2001, the world stood still as the World Trade Center in New York came under attack. On that day, BGC Partners – a leading financial brokerage – lost the lives of 719 colleagues. To commemorate friends and colleagues lost, BGC Partners launched BGC Charity Day to raise money for charities around the world.

Now an established annual event, BGC Charity Day sees a selection of lucky charities invite their celebrity ambassadors to the BGC trading floor in London’s Canary Wharf and others around the world, to try their hand at trading. 100% of the revenues raised on the day are donated to charity and so far, BGC Charity Day has raised over $137 million for good causes.

Our role is to tell the story of BGC Charity Day to the world, through media and social media. Our approach was threefold:

1. To generate public awareness and bring BGC Charity Day to life in media, it’s all about creating striking photos. With charity ambassadors ranging from London Mayor Sadiq Khan to Keira Knightley, Cheryl and Danny DeVito, we invited the media to join us on the BGC trading floor and set up dozens of photo opportunities that would hit the front pages.

2. On social media, we shared photo and video content before, during and after #BGCCharityDay and harnessed the reach and engagement of the charities and celebrities involved.

3. And on the trading floor, there was a careful balance to strike between creating content and not hindering the charities and celebrities from spending time trading and raising funds. For this, our team of 10 took to the trading floor with military precision, to deliver media management that Alastair Campbell would be proud of.