Are you Hoff to London?

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How do you launch British Airways’ new, great value deals to London - #LondonforLess - and convince travelers in key European markets there’s never been a better time to visit the UK?

Creating Advantage

55 pieces of coverage and counting, including the highly coveted ‘Picture of the Day’ on TV show E! News.

Featured on the highly coveted ‘Picture of the Day’ on TV show E! News.

18,500 views of the ‘Are you Hoff to London?’ video on British Airways’ YouTube channel.

Increased awareness for British Airways' #LondonforLess program.

Project Leader

We recruited David Hasselhoff, Anglophile and Europe’s favourite TV and music legend, and swapped his Knight Rider car for a classic British taxi – aka the ‘uBa’.  David took to the streets of Munich to offer residents the chance to win free British Airways flights to London, by competing in Hoff’s London Challenge.  In tribute to Hasselhoff’s smash hit ‘Jump In My Car’, stunned locals were invited to jump inside the ‘uBA’ where Quizmaster Hoff, joined by a British Airways pilot/co-driver, challenged them to demonstrate their best English accent and give their best impression of Her Majesty The Queen’s ‘Royal Wave’.

The most impressive wannabe Brits won a trip to London, with some lucky winners even being driven straight to the airport to ‘Jump on a Plane’.