Make It Kenya - #MaraLive

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To launch Kenya’s new nation brand, also created by Grayling, something truly unique and ground-breaking was required.

Creating Advantage

900m people reached across all media worldwide.

323 pieces of tier 1 media coverage across the world, including two broadcasts on CNN.

50K Hearts (likes) on Periscope as audiences watched the great migration live.

The world's first ever live broadcast of the great wildebeest migration.

Project Leader

The live broadcast of the great migration on mobile app Periscope, a world first.

To launch the new Kenya nation brand, Make it Kenya - created by Grayling, we needed to do something big to turn heads. We partnered with film makers Herd Tracker and worked with Safaricom to provide satellite internet access in the furthest corners of the Masai Mara.

For 20 minutes, three times a day, for a week, the great migration, the 7th wonder of the natural world, was broadcast live by mobile for the first time ever using Periscope, the live streaming mobile app.

The story went global, capturing the imagination of wildlife lovers everywhere and putting Make It Kenya firmly on the map.