Positioning as a leader in Corporate Governance

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Grayling was tasked with establishing Morrow Sodali as a leading voice across top tier UK media on topics including shareholder services, capital markets transactions, IR proxy and advisory services.

Creating Advantage

Approximately 445m+ reached in total.

3x regular bi-weekly and monthly article contributions for core banking and IR trade titles.

57+ pieces of national, international and trade coverage secured.

Approximately 90m+ reached through targeted media outreach and profiling across national and trade media.

Project Leader

We developed a two-tier communications campaign to support the merger of Morrow and Sodali to establish Morrow Sodali as the world’s largest independent governance and shareholder services firm.

Grayling’s initial task was to communicate the merger to global media channels. Features were secured with The Wall Street Journal, City AM, Bloomberg Professional, Corriera della Sera and Les Echos. 

To raise the company’s profile in the UK, Grayling positioned Morrow Sodali as the leading authority on corporate governance issues through a series of media briefings and interviews with top tier correspondents at The Times and Financial Times. Grayling also developed regular interviews with important sector media, ensuring Morrow Sodali was a strong contributor of insights on industry issues.

Through regular bi-weekly and monthly editorial contributions to IR Magazine, Financial Director and International Banker, Morrow Sodali reached its target audience of bankers, administrators and Investor Relations (IR) teams.


Sarah Scholefield