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Grayling were asked to develop Western Union’s key messaging, positioning the company as an innovative market leader in an evolving digital landscape, fraught with agile successful challenger brands.

Creating Advantage

Prime time interview on Sky News - segment included Western Union branding and key messaging throughout the interview.

Aligned Western Union's profile with trusted UK brands, such as John Lewis, Sainsbury's and Ryman.

Media briefings with the Financial Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Grocer, Computer Weekly.com focused on Western Union's digital innovations.

Customer segment diversified with a growth of middle class remittances through up-market brand partnerships.

Project Leader

Our campaign focused on generating exposure, understanding and favourability towards Western Union, as well as protecting their reputation and addressing negative perceptions. Recognised predominantly as a major retail money transfer option, we were tasked with raising awareness of Western Union's growing digital capabilities.

Our team created media content to showcase how Western Union offer the largest offline money transfer footprint in the world and its capabilities of making hard cash available to friends and family abroad, through digital transfers. Central to our strategy was to harness consumer protection, Cash being King and the remittance market.

We planned and hosted media briefings and interviews with leading broadcast, national and trade media (such as Sky News, the Financial Times, Reuters, Bloomberg, The Grocer, and ComputerWeekly.com). Grayling successfully positioned Western Union, already established as the largest provider of high street money transfer services in the world, as a company at the forefront of digital payment innovation.


Watch the full Sky News interview on Western Union's YouTube Channel: 


Sarah Scholefield