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2nd July 2018

Can dogs really change their spots? The façade of Gregory and Gre...

When ‘hip’ Gregory and Gregory opened its doors to festival goers this spring, unsuspecting customers found themselves chowing down on none other than Greggs fast-food bites, a far cry from their quinoa and avocado buddha bowls. For these food revelers, perhaps they...

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26th June 2018

Changing the nation’s conversations around health

Communications has a powerful role to play in changing perceptions, often for both the organisation involved as well as the topic at hand. Grayling is working with leading independent charity the Health Foundation on the unique challenge to change the national...

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The Advantage Series

Organizations of all sizes, across industry sectors, face complex reputational, regulatory and communication challenges. Here we examine some of those in depth, looking at how they can be overcome, and how Grayling can create advantage.

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15th June 2018

10 years of the App Store

As the Apple iPhone App Store approaches its 10th anniversary, Cody Edwards, Account Executive in the Edinburgh PR team, looks at how apps in particular have aided communications… The future of the app store is a topic which has been widely debated for some time now....

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12th June 2018

Why has PR become a key tactic in SEO marketing?

Kay Brown from Grayling Leeds considers why PR has become a leading tactic in SEO marketing ahead of this month’s Search Leeds conference at the First Direct Arena.The search marketing landscape has changed a phenomenal amount over the last decade, with Interflora’s...

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7th June 2018

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester, speaks at exclusive Gr...

Andy Burnham, the Mayor of Greater Manchester, joined Grayling in Manchester on 5 June to speak exclusively to business leaders of the North West about topics affecting the region including devolution, transport, and housing.Manchester’s Place and FutureSpeaking with...

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11th May 2018

Is a picture still worth 1,000 words?

Ginny Fisher, of the Grayling Edinburgh PR team, explains why imagery is more important than ever in PR. We’ve all heard the age-old phrase ‘a picture is worth a 1,000 words’ countless times. Nevertheless, in today’s social media filled world, headed by the...

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10th May 2018

Andy Burnham, Mayor of Greater Manchester – one year on

This week, Andy Burnham completed his first year as Mayor of Greater Manchester. Grayling’s Head of Manchester, Christopher Peacock, looks back at the past year and what to expect for the rest of his term.Andy Burnham walked into his new office at Churchgate House in...

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4th May 2018

Local Elections 2018 - Breakfast Bulletin

In the first major test of public opinion since last year’s General Election, results have been coming in from just over 4,700 seats in 150 local councils. Although local politicians will often have more impact on the average voters’ day to day life, in Westminster...

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2nd May 2018

Local Election test for the Government tomorrow

It’s looking likely to be a tough week for Theresa May’s Conservative Government. Following the resignation of Amber Rudd, the highly regarded Home Secretary, after her dismal handling of the Windrush scandal, and an increase in activism and rogue briefings from...

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23rd April 2018

Dark days and controversy at the seaside: Welsh Labour Spring Con...

Trips to the seaside are supposed to be full of fun, sand and ice cream; however, this year’s Welsh Labour Spring Conference was quite the opposite. Huw Owen from the Cardiff Public Affairs Team reviews the action from a stunning conference in Llandudno. A dark cloud...

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19th April 2018

Does polling have a place in modern politics?

Christine McKenna, a Senior Account Executive in the Public Affairs Team, explores how the polling industry is responding to the challenges of polling the modern electorate. Wednesday marked a year since Theresa May made the now infamous decision to go to the polls for...

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