Stealing the Show at CES 2016

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Making Faraday Future’s high-performance race concept (FFZERO1) launch the #1 story at CES 2016.

Creating Advantage

1,500 media placements

Estimated reach of over 4bn

320,000 social media interactions

3,100 enquiries from potential customers



Project Leader

Working for Chinese electric car manufacturer, Faraday Future, our brief was to unveil the FFZERO1 concept car, and establish it as one of the top stories coming out of CES 2016.

Aside from having just six weeks to prepare, a key challenge was that the FFZERO1 concept car was just that – a concept. Unlike pretty much everything else at CES, it was never intended to be brought to market. This was compounded by a media landscape critical of automotive start-ups, based on a rash of failed or stalled launches. We needed to overcome these challenges and answer the question: What makes Faraday Future think it can succeed where so many others have failed?

Instead of making the FFZERO1 the story, we shifted the focus to the company: how quickly it was growing, the talent it had recruited, its partnerships, its commitment to building a $1bn manufacturing facility, and the technology upon which the FFZERO1 was built, as proof points as to why it would “Bring the Future to Life.”

We knew that Faraday Future would not cut through the CES noise without already having some awareness. To generate that, we organized a series of stories with influential media leading into the event, and released teaser content across social channels, engaging fans with a VR experience/360 Facebook ads, and an augmented reality app.

We also wrote the executive speeches for the press reveal event prior to the start of CES, which was attended by 600 guests, including worldwide media; thousands more visited the Faraday Future booth on the show floor.

The event was livestreamed and watched by more than 170,000 people. After its conclusion, we set up more than 150 additional media briefings.

The program led to 1,500+ individual media hits; additionally, potential customers around the world engaged with a wide range of digital content – generating 320,000 interactions, with 33,000 fans and media posting videos, more than 10,000 Instagram posts, and 5m+ video views. On the day of the event, Faraday Future was the #3 trending topic on Twitter worldwide. And despite the FFZERO1 not even being available for sale, more than 3,000 would-be customers signed up to learn more about what Faraday Future had planned.

The campaign was a Finalist at the North America SABRE Awards, and a winner of two PRism Awards and a PR News Platinum Award.