Building awareness

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Increasing brand awareness and user engagement for a number of SoFi's financial products

Creating Advantage

In one year, we secured 482 hits where SoFi was regularly featured and recommended in key media

Overall, we increased the baseline of coverage by 1,242% year on year

Coverage was featured in leading publicatiooons, including the Wall Street Journal, CNBC, TIME, Fortune, Bloomberg, and Entrepreneur

SoFi is now recognized as a key disruptor in the financial services sector

Project Leader

Through our analysis, we identified that media covering SoFi were predominantly  political reporters, not the best fit for a startup targeting the student loan market. So we refined the company’s messaging and positioned SoFi as the first company to refinance both federal and private student loans.

We capitalized on national news-cycles surrounding the student loan market to insert SoFi into every relevant conversation. As SoFi launched additional products such as mortgage loans and refinancing, parent loans and personal loans, we took the opportunity to reach a broader set of reporters and pivoted messaging to show SoFi as a direct competitor to banks, offering a full suite of products tailored to Gen X’ers and millennials vs a one-size fits all service - capitalizing on consumer distrust of banks and industry analysis that projected non-traditional lenders to take $11 billion of annual revenue away from banks for the next five years.