Taking on the Big Apple

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An award-winning geo-targeted display ad and social campaign in New York

Creating Advantage

Universal Interaction Time of 14.08 seconds, well above the MOAT benchmark of 7.6 seconds

The overall campaign saw a MOAT score of 584 (MOAT is a measure of overall attention paid to ads, score range is 300-850)

The rebates offered drove more traffic to the landing page, with the larger ads generating more clicks and boosting overall CTR

The campaign delivered bonus impressions, on budget


Project Leader

Since breaking from Sony and relaunching as a separate entity, VAIO was having a challenging time re-entering the U.S. market. While its products were generally regarded as excellent and of specific interest to creative professionals and business travelers, the brand faced massive competition from far better-heeled competitors who were spending a fortune on marketing.

Working with Grayling, VAIO needed a means of breaking through to those audiences, specifically in New York City, where the brand has had a historically-strong retail presence. Specific objectives of this effort were to: drive traffic to an NYC-centric custom landing page, increase social followers and increase the number of sessions on the VAIO blog.

You can't expect people to find your message. With that in mind, the strategy was to take the message to them. The team used a combination of featured subway ads, geo-targeted landing pages and social posts and digital display ads to carpet bomb the target audiences across NYC. They identified NYC subway lines with the most riders fitting the two distinct audiences of creative pros and business professionals, and created an OOH ad campaign that surfaced in stations and on trains where they were most likely to be found.

They combined this with a geo-targeted online and social effort aimed at those same audiences. In conjunction, they solicited videos from VAIO users, who crafted tutorials which surfaced on VAIO's social channels, showing the many product benefits.