B2B Technology

Effective communication for enterprise tech is no longer abut telling the story of what your business, product or service does, but why it matters. 

Achieving Standout

The right agency partner is one that understands and excels at this, and also has a firm grasp of the complex landscape with which CTOs and others are wrestling, as well as the tech itself. 

Our Enterprise team loves tech, as you’d expect, but we think beyond that, in order to create richer narratives for businesses in this sector. Simply announcing a new product is not going to move the needle . And moving the needle, creating real advantage, that is what drives us.



With data now such a valuable commodity, breaches can happen to any business, and we have seen some large entitles fall pray to this. The mushrooming of the increasingly complex cybersecurity field in response to this most prevalent of threats makes it hard for even some sophisticated businesses to keep track of what different vendors to, and what makes them different. Our expertise and understanding of this fields helps businesses in this sector cut through with clarity and purpose.

Companies' storage needs are not just growing, but growing in complexity. We understand what drives the decision makers, from the C-suite to the IT administrator, and find and tell stories that show how our clients solve their pain points.

Enterprise Tech Capabilities

At Grayling, we strive to tell the stories behind the stories, focusing on the real world benefits your technology enables.   

B2B Tech PR Services

Without a coherent corporate communications strategy. You are just another tech vendor, likely in a commoditized market, making noise and trying to get noticed. We develop corporate communication strategies and supporting narratives that are genuinely differentiating, providing B2B tech companies with solid platforms to communicate across channels.

In the B2B technology sector in particular, differentiation often flows from the C-suite. CEOs and CTOs need to set out a vision, a compelling case for why their business is different, better. We work with the executives of enterprise tech businesses to turn jargon-laden corporate-speak into compelling narratives, profiling our clients through the media and industry events, and establishing them over time as genuine thought leaders.

Analysts carry enormous influence and are a key audience within the competitive tech sector. Our team is able to leverage relationship with key analysts to ensure our B2B tech clients' stories get through.

Creative content marketing is not the sole preserve of consumer brands. Indeed, the case for B2B brands to get creative with their content is actually more compelling - this is how you achieve standout in a cluttered or commoditized market. Our content marketing specialists have a particular expertise in creating sticky content for B2B tech brands, weaving together sector understanding and cut-through creativity, and propagating that content through multiple owned and social channels, to gain maximum impact.

Many of the industries with the most potential for B2B tech solutions, are also the most regulated. Our team's knowledge of the regulatory landscape, and how to navigate it, creates genuine advantage for B2B tech companies across a range of industries, from energy, to finance, to healthcare, to security.

Identifying and anticipating risk is an important component of any B2B or corporate communications program, and our team asks the difficult questions to ensure those risks are mitigated. Our mantra is: Prepare, respond, recover.




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