Financial Services, FinTech and InsureTech

From traditional banks to blockchain and cryptocurrency, we have unrivalled expertise in financial services, fintech and insuretech. 

We work with some of the most innovative companies in this sector, from start-ups to multi-billion dollar enterprises.

An Industry in Flux

An array of new technologies is disrupting the Financial Services sector, with FinTech solutions making it easier for consumers, small businesses, and large corporations to work faster, easier, and less expensively. But this sector has its challenges: Traditional Financial Services firms risk being left behind by their upstart competitors, while the FinTech firms face a host of regulatory and communications complexities for the first time. 



Through our work with cryptocurrency exchange, Coinbase, and other clients, we understand the cryptocurrency market, its issues and opportunities, better than most. And we put our money where our mouth is, too - we are one of the very few agencies willing to accept payment in cryptocurrency.

While the cool start-ups seem to get all the glory, it is traditional banks and other legacy players that still hold all the cards in terms of their resources, their understanding and experience of the regulatory landscape, and their brand recognition still gives them an advantage. We bring our understanding of what makes news to weave compelling new narratives for traditional players.

The fintech world is bursting with start-ups, and our Silicon Valley team is expert at finding ways to make each one matter to the media, to investors, and to end users.

The insurance sector is the last holdout to the technology-driven changes that have swept through the rest of the financial services industry. But the winds of change are blowing here, too, and our work with InsureTech Connect and some of the most innovative players in this space gives us an in-depth understanding of the opportunities that brings.

FinTech Capabilities

For start-ups and seasoned players alike, we delver results that create measurable advantage.


A clear strategy has to be the starting point for any successful communications program. Our understanding of this sector, and its different audiences and influencers, enables us to develop robust strategies and narratives that inform rich multichannel programs.

Leadership matters, and the impression a company's leaders make can enhance or hamper a company's reputation. We work with our clients' leadership teams to identify message platforms for them to own, and use this as a basis for executive visibility programs that build personal and corporate reputations within the financial services community, through a combination of earned and owned media, events and thought leadership content.

Analysts pay close attention to the dynamics of the financial services sector, and in particular the changes that new technologies are wreaking. The old order is being disrupted, and analysts are constantly trying to stay one step ahead, to identify which are the players that are shaping the future. We leverage our analyst relationships to ensure our clients are not just on the radar, but recognized as part of the changing landscape.

Financial matters are important but, let's face it, can be a bit dry to most people. Our consumer comms team specializes in finding ways to make financial products and services not just interesting, but essential, through engaging multichannel programs embracing earned, owned and social media.

We create and propagate content that only captures and retains the valuable attention of consumers, but drives tangible and measurable outcomes.

Whether it is concerns over cryptocurrencies, or data use and security, the bleeding edge nature of so much of the modern financial services and fintech industry leaves it open to risk. Anticipating and planning for issues is a hygiene factor we undertake with firms in this sector, rigorously testing crisis response procedures, and stepping up to provide 24/7 support should an issue become a crisis.




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