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Competition for consumers' attention, and share of wallet, is fierce. Exposure alone is no longer enough. Brands of all types must find ways to build genuine two-way relationships with their audiences, through meaningful interactions across multiple channels and touch points. 

The Changing Consumer

In an age when we are exposed to around 10,000 brand messages a day, when the average attention span is roughly that of a goldfish, and when an ad blocker mentality is the norm for consumers wanting to filter out what they don't need, it is harder than ever to achieve and sustain brand salience. 

Successful brand relationships are a two-way street, with consumers wanting and expecting to get something in return for their custom and their loyalty. They want to feel something, to be involved with, and consulted about, the future direction of 'their' brands. They want to have a meaningful dialogue, to feel a sense of shared values - all in real time. 

With a generation of consumers that for the first time spend more time online than they do watching TV, and who don't see or don't care about the lines between branded and unbranded content, between paid and earned media, the opportunities for achieving this kind of engagement have never been greater. 


Sector Expertise

We deliver consumer-facing communication campaigns for brands across multiple industry sectors.

Mobile devices, laptops, TVs and home entertainment systems, voice-activated assistants, games and consoles… technology is a core part not only of people's lives, but of their very identity. Your brand choice says a lot about you, and consumer technology brands need to fight to secure a place in people's hearts. Our consumer marketing experts are adept at finding, developing and telling consumer tech brands' stories in ways that make them not just seen and heard, but preferred.

Money matters. And the financial services sector is undergoing seismic shifts, as millennial consumers reject their parents' generation's ways of managing money, in favor of newer, flexible, app-based solutions that reflect not only their priorities, but their values. Heritage brands in banking and insurance, meanwhile, are fighting to remain relevant. Our understanding not just of the dynamics of this sector, but of the complexities of the consumer audiences, enables to us to develop and execute programs for finance and fintech brands struggling to navigate this ever-changing environment.

Whether it's baby boomers looking to 'SKI' (spend their kids' inheritance), or millennials' insatiable wanderlust, we understand the important part travel plays in people's lives. For countries and resorts, airlines and OTAs, tour operators and hotel brands, our consumer marketing team builds rich, multichannel programs that work hard at every point of the purchasing journey in order to land a share of what is usually a consumer's largest one-off discretionary expenditure of the year.

Our Automotive experts understand every part of the consumer journey, and every aspect of their relationship with cars - from buying and selling, to ride sharing and rentals, to components and gadgets.

Inside Influence

Our proprietary research examines the nature of influence today, taking account of changing demographic, technological and societal factors. 

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Consumer Marketing Services

We help consumer brands achieve the kind of engagement with their audiences necessary to make them a part of consumers' lives. The third party endorsement of the media remains an incredibly valuable ingredient of any consumer marketing program - possibly more valuable than ever, when news and reviews stay online forever, appearing on page 1 of Google search results in perpetuity. Our well-connected team is experienced at getting brands talked about by the top tier media that matter most. But more than that, we ensure our earned media programs are part of an integrated approach, embracing owned, social and paid media, too.

PR has always been about influence, but the nature of influence - where it lies and how to harness it - continues to evolve. Influencer marketing is a core component of the consumer marketing programs we develop and execute, building and nurturing relationships with those not just with the reach, but the engagement levels, to add credibility to brands in multiple fields, from technology to travel, money to motor cars.

Today, every brand not only has the opportunity to be a producer of their own content, but actually needs to be one, in order to take control of their message and insert themselves into consumers' lives. Our team is skilled at developing, producing and propagating long and short form content that adds depth and richness to a brand story, extending not just reach but engagement with target consumers.

Facing a media interview can be daunting, the pressure to get your message across succinctly, in a way that 'sticks', intense. Get it right, and the rewards can be huge. But one ill-judged comment can become a social media meme, doing untold damage. Whether it's your first time in front of a media microphone, or you are a seasoned spokesperson, our experts provide tailor-made media training to ensure that moment in the spotlight is something to be embraced, not feared.

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