Corporate Communications

Our experts help to build, manage, and protect the reputations of world-leading organizations and emerging challenger brands alike. We develop corporate communications strategies and narratives that enable us not only to respond to events in real time, but to shape the agenda, creating genuine advantage for our clients across a range of industry sectors.

Why Corporate Reputation Matters

News travels fast, faster than ever before. The digitization of news, and rapid socialization of content, means stories can go global in an instant - whether you want them to or not. Corporations are no longer in control of their own brand image in the way they once were, when it was possible simply to 'push' a message through traditional news channels.

Today, with consumer activism, fueled by access to social media, it is not longer just the mainstream media that shape the agenda. Expectations for transparency and honesty from organizations of all sizes, have never been higher, and reputations can be made or broken within a single news cycle.

Effective corporate communications today requires an understanding of how to navigate this landscape, and how to leverage it to create advantage.


Sector Expertise

Our corporate communications team has expertise across a range of industry sectors.

We live in an era of unprecedented change in the financial services sector. Established players now find themselves competing with a new breed of company, and a new generation of consumer, who reject the traditional ways of saving, moving and investing money. From blockchain to cryptocurrencies, start-ups to stalwarts, our subject matter experts understand the financial services, fintech and insuretech industries like few others, developing corporate communication strategies and programs that enable our clients to be distinctive voices in this most competitive of spaces.

Enterprise technology companies, more than most, stand to benefit from a robust corporate communications program: It is a competitive sector, where message cut-through is a challenge, and the stakes are high, with the commercial benefits of being recognized as a leader, potentially enormous. But it is also an industry that is all too often bogged down with technical jargon, with a focus on features over benefits. In developing corporate communication strategies and solutions for B2B technology companies, we focus on the stories of why those companies matter - the difference they make and benefits they bring to their customers. It's not always easy, but nothing rewarding ever was.

Biotech companies are at the cutting edge, developing game-changing drugs and products that have the potential to impact positively the lives of millions. But women and men in white coats are rarely the most adept at articulating their own stories in the most succinct manner. Our team is skilled in taking the most complex, scientific messages and translating them in ways that makes them understood by lay audiences, without dumbing them down.

Telecoms as a category has almost become so broad as to defy singular definition. Previously it was simply the industry around telephony, dominated by fixed networks, hardware, and enterprise level exchanges. Fast forward to today, and 'telecoms' is something else. Thanks to telecoms developments, a business is built around the talent necessary to fill a role, rather than the ability of that talent to make it into an office. And for the consumer, the mobile is now the heartbeat of their lives. It's how we find each other, how we plan our lives, how we stay in touch and even how we find our partners, through apps and social networks. Our Telecoms team understands that within this dynamic and varied sector, there are myriad stories to be told, reputations to be built and bolstered.

Energy companies often find themselves in the spotlight for all the wrong reasons, power outages, the disruption associated with the essential installation of new infrastructure, customer service criticisms, accusations of willful pollution or rapacious profiteering... the fact that these companies literally keep the lights on in the United States, providing light, warmth and comfort to millions of families, can be quickly forgotten. Our corporate communications team includes experts with a deep understanding of the energy sector, its issues, and the opportunities for telling compelling stories through a range of media and other channels.

Manufacturing is by far the most important sector of the US economy, representing more than a third of the country's GDP. And yet the contribution, the story of America's manufacturing companies, is often overlooked in favor of the more glamorous or exciting tech sector. And manufacturing companies themselves often believe this themselves, putting corporate communications on the back burner. But the importance of this sector of the economy is precisely why corporate communications matters so much. Our team helps our clients to unearth the underlying narratives of these corporates, polishing them and showing them to the world, and jealously protecting those hard-won reputations.

As the retail industry evolves, so too do the communication needs of those within it, be they bricks and mortar or online retailers, payment providers, or purveyors of the many other technology solutions that are driving so much change. Our corporate communications team understands the complex nature of this ecosystem, working with retail and ecommerce clients to achieve the profile required to help them acquire customers or forge new commercial partnerships.

Successful businesses need to be supported by a network of professional services firms, who themselves need to stand out. But even in the knowledge economy, professional services can be seen as commoditized by customers. Our team is skilled at finding the points of difference that matter, and leveraging them through a combination of owned content, earned and social media, events, and other techniques.

Cryptocurrencies and Blockchain

We have experience working at the cutting edge of the emerging crypto market.

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Corporate Communications Services

From strategy to execution, we provide a range of services designed to build, enhance and protect corporate reputations.

Effective corporate communication starts with a robust strategy. And while many organizations have this locked up, many do not. That's where we can help. Our senior consultants work with companies of all sizes to develop corporate communication strategies that are rooted in brand truths, truly differentiating, and capable of being translated into multi-channel programs that reach and engage multiple stakeholders. This process of developing or reviewing a corporate communication strategy is something we routinely undertake as part of any ongoing client relationship, but may also take the form of a standalone project, with a senior member of our team facilitating strategy and message development workshops.

Whether you're a start-up, a Fortune 500 company, or something in-between, the leadership of any company is an essential ingredient of an effective corporate communications program. The CEO is increasingly also 'storyteller-in-chief', and ensuring the right profile for them, in the right places, at the right moments, with the right message, can make all the difference to the fortunes of the company they lead. Our corporate communication experts help companies to identify and hone appropriate platforms and messages for CEOs and other C-Suite executives, then develop programs that help to establish them as thought leaders, through a combination of owned content, earned media, and visibility at hand-picked industry events and conferences.

Analysts' opinions have the power to shape opinions, so it as essential to understand their perspective as it is to ensure they understand yours. Our team is well-connected with the top analysts in key sectors and we can incorporate Analyst Relations into corporate communications programs, complementing media relations and content marketing approaches.

Your reputation is a valuable asset, and like all assets it needs to be protected. In this age of consumer and shareholder activism, and higher-than-ever expectations of openness and transparency from corporates, your reputation can be damaged or even ruined by anything from a tweet by a disgruntled former employee, to a full scale data breech. To guard against this, not only do we develop and execute strategies and programs that build and burnish corporate reputations, but we take time to identify and assess potential risks, preparing for the worst in order to minimize the reputational damage, should a crisis occur.

We understand that start-ups have particular needs - and constraints - and that extends to PR and communications. In the early stages of a company's life, it is vital to be able to tell your story clearly and concisely to all your audiences, be that investors, customers, partners or employees. And you need to be able to do so in a way that makes it clear not just who you are and what you do, but why that matters. We help take start-ups from seed to sale, developing narratives and executing tailor-made communication programs that deliver tangible results.

In the wake of the 2008 financial crisis, corporate social responsibility (CSR) took something of a back seat, with many corporations seeing it as something of an unnecessary luxury, a something only for when times are good. Ten years later, however, there is a new dynamic, with corporations taking a stand on a range of issues, responding to the vocal demands and expectations of their customers and millennial employees, who expect their employers to use their power and resources to "do the right thing". CSR is no longer a nice-to-have, but an essential ingredient not just of a corporate communications program, but of a company's very DNA. Our team is expert at helping clients to identify the right issue or cause to form the foundation of a CSR strategy, one that is authentic, and not self-serving, and which provides opportunities to add depth to that company's brand narrative and so enhance reputations - with the commercial advantages that brings.

Corporate Communications Team

Our corporate communications experts have decades of agency and in-house experience between them, spanning multiple industry sectors.


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